Just some thoughts about tolerance.

Okay. I’ll just get straight out with it. If you are a person that is racist, a bully, mean to somebody for some reason. Or whatever problem you have with a person. Just know, I’m not saying you’re a bad person however, you are doing a bad thing.

If I see a person with different eyes or skin color or style, I don’t notice it right away. I only notice another human in front of me, a person with a beating heart and a person with thoughts and emotions. Why must a person be labeled as white, black, asian etc? Next time you see anyone that’s “different” try to think to yourself that we’re all different. No one is exactly the same so why does it matter to a person on how they look on the outside? -It doesn’t.

Or if you’re a kid that’s picking on another kid or any reason at all. (He’s mean, she stole my boyfriend, that person stabbed me in the back, etc.) just think for a minute. There are good people and bad people, but that doesn’t mean a person is bad for doing something like that. Be the good person and realize that being mean to someone only makes things worse. Why bully a kid for say, being over weight? Maybe there’s an illness that child has to cause the weight. Hurting someone feelings can cause the victim to do horrible things, maybe to themselves or someone else, it can become a never-ending cycle.

If you’re a person that hates homosexuals (Like my father.) what is it your business? I personally do not agree with it, but I don’t care if my best friend or sister was gay. So what? Let that person have happiness and love. Could you force yourself to be gay? Probably not, so why would a person say it’s a choice or they’re bad for feeling something they do not control. I only do not agree because the human body of male and female are meant for each other. That is all. But I don’t hound a person for being gay or say it’s wrong. If a person is gay, I support being yourself. Because well, it isn’t wrong to love someone and just as I believe male and female anatomy belong together, I believe that the arms of two men or two women can be meant to hold one another as well. So love that person for whatever reason that makes you love them. No matter what you do or say in life, there will always be someone who isn’t going to agree, so just do it.

All I’m saying is, we are all different and we should all embrace it. If you already dislike me for whatever reason, it’s okay to. It’s okay to dislike a person but there is no need to be rude or malicious. But even with what I’m saying, there are always going to be captious, indecorous, irascible individuals that will object.

Just like one person does not have a religious belief and think those whom have faith are ignorant. Why would that bother them? I could see if a person was trying to shove religion down their throat but let people have faith. Or if they have faith and trying to convince a person there is some creator, I think that really shouldn’t be pushed too far. People make their own choices, and I can understand that a person would only want to help by giving someone faith but it’s not a person’s responsibility to ensure the afterlife well-being of another person. Just be a good person and do what you can in life, be kind and give, even if a person does not give in return. Smile at the person who looks angry. Be nice to the person that’s mean. But don’t be weak, there are times when a person needs to stand up for themselves.

I wish people could just be nice. Like a priest and a non believer just talking about a God without any anger or argument. Just sharing ones opinions without being belittled or spoken down to for it. I don’t want to change anyone, just enlighten them a bit and try to show that it’s better for everyone if we all just accept that there’s a lot of multifarious people out there.

If there is anything offensive in this blog, please do not take it to heart, it is probably my own fault for not phrasing something in a more understandable way. I do not wish to cause any harm or anger. It is only my opinion, so please, make me aware if there is something offensive and I will rephrase it. Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Just some thoughts about tolerance.

  1. I really like your blog. Not just this post, your entire blog. I love that you say so many things (not on this post) that I completely disagree with, as well as so many things that I completely agree with. I love how careful you are not to offend, and that you phrase everything in such a way that someone would really have to have an anger problem to lash out at you over your opinions. I love that you don’t judge and you ask not to be judged. I love that you’re honest and true to yourself.

    I look forward to seeing more posts from you. :)

    • Thank you so much. I’m glad to see that you can freely admit that you disagree and agree with some of my opinions and I deeply respect that, espeically you did it in such a open, friendly way. You, my friend, are the type of person that gives me more faith in others, thank you for your honest opinions. (:

      • You’re very welcome. I really do like that I agree and disagree with you. It makes life interesting and challenging. My perspectives and opinions may not change, but I enjoy challenging them anyway. Don’t you think life would be kind of boring if we weren’t challenged once in a while to step back and look through someone else’s eyes; if we all just agreed on everything? ;)
        Thank you for your kind words!

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