Forget everything bad you’ve ever heard about marijuana

Alright, what I want to share is all about marijuana and hemp and the research I have made on it. First of all, forget everything you’ve ever heard about marijuana being bad and whatnot.
From what I’ve concluded is that marijuana is an herb and flower, not any kind of drug what so ever, just a plain plant with chemicals. Remember how you use to hear about marijuana kills your brain cells? –Turns out, it’s just a myth, or in my opinion a conspiracy, turns out, marijuana actually encourages the growth of new cells, marijuana also slows tumor growth, prevents cancer from spreading to other organs.
A recent post I came across was a small toddler with a massive brain tumor and some sort of brain cancer, the doctor prescribed cannabis oil to be put on the toddler pacifier twice a day, a few months later, the tumor was already gone and it’s been about a year or so and the child is cancer free.
Recently I’ve been following some Pro-pot sites and what I’ve researched has been amazing. Hemp fibers are stronger than steel, hemp can be used for food, medicine, rope, clothes, cheap paper and cheap concrete and 100 percent biodegradable fuel. A lot of states have already legalized and/or decriminalized marijuana, and Kentucky I believe is the first to legalize hemp about a week ago.
What we could do and make from hemp would help small and large businesses alike, we wouldn’t have to buy so much from China and other countries and supporting them so we could spend more money here, in the United States where it belongs, less tax payer money would be spent on sending people to jail for nonviolent crimes.
Marijuana has been known to treat over 250 different kinds of illnesses like Crohn’s disease, insomnia, depression, Autism, Controlling ALS symptoms, HIV/AIDS, Glaucoma, Hyperthyroidism, anxiety, fibromyalgia, alzheimers, arthritis, herpes, Cystic Fibrosis, relieves stress and migrane pain, asthma and if smoked, actually cleans the lungs. And those are just a few. There are not any side effects, HOWEVER, everyone reacts differently, so if you have insomnia and it makes you sleepy, it may help with that, if you have dehydration, marijuana can help with that. For example, I use to smoke, I will not lie I’ve smoked with my family and I will share my certain benefits, I have hyperthyroidism and depression, I’m also at high risk for heart disease, cancer, crohn’s disease etc. and with hyperthyroidism, I was very moody, depressed, never ate or gained weight when I did eat, was dehydrated, couldn’t sleep, was depressed, (hyperthyrodism causes depression) and when I smoked, I ate and gained weight, slept well at night, I wouldn’t be as depressed, my mind would stop racing and I wouldn’t be overly hyper, I lose all social anxiety and can speak to people clearly and easily while high. Actually, being high doesn’t make me lazy, it makes me want to get up and go do something without having a racing mind making me too hyper, I use to paint houses with my family back when I smoked and I was very active. But anyway, you CANNOT overdose on marijuana, it would help the economy, treat thousands of suffering patients, it is less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, violence would actually decrease a little because most violence has to do the drugs, and surely the most common has to be marijuana, granted there will still be crime from drugs but marijuana is not a drug at all.
I would love to see all of the states and even the world legalize marijuana, at least for medical uses, and I am so sad that it’s possible it’s all covered up in a conspiracy, a lot of senators agree that marijuana should be legalized and EVERYONE can help make a difference, that is why I am sharing this, I feel like as an adult, if alcohol is legal then I should be able to smoke a little weed if I wanted to every once in a while if I need to to keep my healthy, since I quit, I lost all weight, I’m on anti-depressants and those help a lot, but I can still get a little moody, and I can never sleep, once I was awake for 52 hours straight. My poems Morning Star and more than half of my poems shared on here were all written while I was high, this is also how I’ve thought of most of my theories and while high, it was the best time for me to think and take notes on everything and anything I wanted. (that’s how I’m learning and speaking 12 different languages including sign language)
So, I have signed petitions, emailed the white house and every senator in 2 different states so far, informed many people and now I’m sharing it on here so hopefully some people can change their views and perhaps decide to research it themselves.
And for another example of the benefits I’ve witnessed, I will share what my sister has experienced with marijuana. She has Bi-polar disorder, depression, ADHD, treats PMS, Rheumatoid arthritis, when she smokes, she has little to no stomach pain, her mind calms down and she can eat it treats all of her symptoms, ALL of them,if she smoked it every time she felt ill, she could get off all of her medicine and not worry about her liver because she is already wasting away. Now, my sister may have only a few years left to live, at least so says her doctor(s) and she had surgery before winter removing some of her intestines and she almost died and seeing her high is the only time I see my sister not in any physical pain whatsoever and being more mentally stable.
That is all I have to share for now, I hope there are many others like me that support this and help make a change because it’s my hopes to see my sister and mom smoke or eat medical marijuana and see them happier and healthier for how ever long they have to live. I’m asking anyone that agrees to please help support the cause of medical marijuana and they would have no idea how much it would make me happy.
Thank you for reading.


11 thoughts on “Forget everything bad you’ve ever heard about marijuana

  1. I LOVE this! And that is coming from someone who truly despises marijuana. I only have a couple reasons for disliking it. My main reason is that I’m allergic to it (or something). Smelling the smoke from it makes me very, very ill. If it were to be legalized, I would suffer every day because people would be smoking it openly like they do with cigarettes. That is not enough for me not to support legalization, though. There are people who are allergic to cigarette smoke and they have to deal with smokers, so my personal problem with marijuana doesn’t make me special.
    What I would like to see happen is the legalization of marijuana, but with some restriction, just as there are with alcohol and tobacco. For one, I think there should be an age restriction except in medical cases. I’m not proposing the same age restriction as alcohol or tobacco, per se. An age restriction would have to be determined accordingly. Also, I think there should be some restrictions on where it can be smoked; designated areas, really. There are designated areas for smoking cigarettes, and there should be for marijuana as well. I actually think there should be more restrictions in place for cigarette smoking, too. I don’t think smokers of any kind should be allowed to smoke by doorways of any establishment. People with any sort of smoke allergy should be able to exit a building without being hit by a wave of smoke. I understand it is very difficult to contain smoke outside, though.
    Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts before I have to run off to work. I will be researching your information here after work today as I am very interested. Thank you for your post. You have my support. I’m very impressed with your mature point of view and dedicated research. Keep up the good work. :)

    • I cannot agree with you more! I use to smoke cigarettes and I hated smoking around family, friends or in public because of those reasons, and plus it seemed very rude to smoke in front of others if I haven’t ever seen them smoke. I agree that people should not be able to smoke before driving, going to work, etc. I truly appreciate your honest input, I loved reading your comment. Just like people cannot drink in public, I don’t think people should smoke in public unless it is absolutely needed, besides it doesn’t have to be smoked, people can also ingest in, I’ve always smoked but I’ve always wanted to try it in brownies or something because they say it can give you a longer and stronger high, but honestly, I don’t get out of my mind stoned, I only take a few hits and I’m good for like 6 hours. Thank you so much for reading this! (:

      • You’re welcome!
        I smoke cigarettes, but I have personal rules for smoking. I don’t smoke around children, pets, or in houses. I try to move if I’m smoking somewhere out in public and a non-smoker walks up. I always ask people around me if they mind my smoke.
        I’ve thought a lot about this and I think there should be marijuana bars just like there are hookah bars and alcohol bars. I think in order to legalize marijuana, people are just going to have to be trusted to moderate their intake as they are with alcohol. If they get too high, they could be dangerous on the road, I think. That theory is based solely on my interaction with high friends and my personal consumption. I’ve smoked weed a couple times and it was really bad for me. I know I wasn’t safe driving, but I also know I’m different than most people because I’m allergic or whatever.
        For me personally, I would love to see marijuana legalized in non-smoke forms. But that is for selfish reasons since the smoke affects me so badly. If it is to be legalized, it will have to be legalized in all forms. To legalize it only in non-smoke forms would be like banning cigarettes and cigars. As a smoker, I can safely say I would not be happy if my options were limited to, say, chewing tobacco.
        Anyway, once again those are just a couple thoughts before I have to be off to work. Hope you have a good day! :)

  2. If you feel that way about pot, where are you not up in arms about alcohol? Alcohol can kill innocent babies and whole families in an instant. Oh!, bet you drink alcohol!

    • The problem with alcohol people do not take into consideration about moderation, I’m almost 21, I’m not even old enough to drink. I know it kills, that was my whole point but there is not one documented person dying from marijuana overdose. Beer and wine is actually healthy in moderation, I made a promise to my mom if I can smoke pot, I will never touch alcohol unless it’s in her present and that depends how I act on it. Besides, I’m on anti-depressants, I can’t drink if I wanted to. Never mix uppers and downers, it can cause the heart to stop randomly.

      • I would try and rail against alcohol, but if 25 years of MADD has done nothing I surly can’t. To many politicians drink anyway. I’m sure they take drugs too, but they are not made to take drug tests, but we the people that work must take them. I call bullshit on that. Pot has never killed anyone. You can’t overdose, you would just fall asleep. Of course the news about the guy they put in the hospital and called it an overdose. Reminds me of the first time my Dad smoke. He smoked the whole thing first go-round and was paraniod and thought he was dying. I laughed my ass off and next time he didn’t smoke it all!

    • I stopped smoking because now I’m 20 and I live in Indiana, if I got caught with just a seed, it’s a felony here and I could be in jail for up to 10 years. But please do post about hemp! A lot people do not know the difference between hemp and marijuana so please do explain well! And you can get back to me if you post it cause I would love to read it!

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