Why I think home school is better.

You guessed it! I was homeschooled. I went to public school also. Only up to fourth grade though. Anyway, just thought I’d throw this out there.

I HATED school with a passion I could not hide. I failed because I never tried because I hated it so much. Anyway, after my school had a bomb threat, my parents decided to homeschool me. And although I still hated it, I learned many other things in my own time and eventually found what I love learning about and now, my knowledge is even greater than my older sister, (who went to public school) at least my parents say. But don’t get me wrong, I am not very wise and I could learn so much more.

In school children are forced to get up early and cannot act like a real child for about 8 hours besides what? -a half hour of play time, then are given more work to do at home? No, I do not think children should have homework, they need time to be with their parents and act like kids while they still can.

During my studies at home. I did an hour or two of just simple studies on various things then had the rest of the time to do what I loved. Acting like a dinosaur, playing my videogames etc. After that, I began to fall in love with many things that I now learn for a hobby! I’m learning 14 different langauges, I learned to play the guitar, keyboard and wanting to learn much more, I write tons of different things, hence, this blog. I know tons of animal facts, and know most animal behavior. I can explain to a person how time travel to the future is theoretically possible. (Sounds crazy, huh?)I know a lot of healthy tips and even learned enough medical tips to figure out when my dad had a stroke and got him to the hospital. I can train animals and garden. I can tell you about which healing herbs you can use or how the light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach earth and many other things I learned for fun.

Although. I did miss out on many things. Prom, field trips, learning basic social skills. Even now, I am socially awkward, basically a hermit with no friends besides one that moved away and my sister. Although, I never really was well at social skills to begin with.

That is a con. If you home school a child, you must make sure they play with other kids and learn these important skills. BUT at home, you can choose what your child learns, which is a big plus!

I actually believe in teaching things that you may not find in school, like what to do if say, you’re camping with your parents and you get lost in the woods. Or what to do if a person tries to grab them. Or even what to do if you’re in a hit and run accident. I find loads of young kids that hit someone and get scared and drive away. No, they must learn the rules. Of course they’re scared of being in trouble, and they should since they hit a person. Although, I seen a hit and run where a child ran into the street. Well, the driver shouldn’t be charged in my opinion because where in the heck were the parents while a darn 7 year old runs carelessly through the road. But she fled the scene and that is what got her in trouble.

Of course, the way I see my peers drive today make me sick. half of them I see without seat belts, tons of people pass in no pass zones. Or the way my sister blasts her music and texts while driving. I personally would back slap my child for doing that. Even if the law says that’s abuse, it’s my darn child. (Great mother, wouldn’t I be?)

Anyway, I’m getting off topic…

Basically, children are more prone to falling into peer pressure in public school compared to home schooling in my personal opinion and studies. Your child could be bullied in school. which can happen even outside of school and although you cannot hover over them all their life, (Yes, I believe children deserve respect and space too.) at least they will not be bullied constantly through out a school year. I also don’t like that if I sent my child to school, I’m pretty much trusting the well-being of my child to a stranger. That teacher could be mean or a bad teacher, or your child could be learning things you wouldn’t want them to know yet, such as sex.

Another pro… or con, which ever you prefer, I had no sex ed in my home schooling. Which kept my mind innocent but at the same time had me having my first anxiety when I found a nasty surprise when I hit womenhood. (I thought I was dying, by the way.) So keep in mind although you might want to keep a child as sweet and innocent for as long as possible you do not want to find a frightend little girl too embarrassed to say she thinks she’s dying because there’s blood in her “special” place or a little boy crying because he thinks his “turtle” is broken because it’s erect… It’s part of life and beautiful in it’s own “weird” way so remember, being a parent is doing what’s best for your child, and sex is part of life so they will have to learn the basics at some point so they don’t end up like me, because I’m still learning things on the subject and I’m 20.

Anyway, there’s my thoughts. There’s pros and cons but I prefer home schooling. (:


5 thoughts on “Why I think home school is better.

  1. Interesting… I was taught all my life in a public school. I’ll be honest, I hated it… Had terrible attendance, but surprisingly had an 80 average up until the last year despite my attendance. I found school just isn’t for everybody. For me, I was a very hands-on practical person…. and school didn’t seem to allow me to express any of that. So I can totally see what you mean by the benefits of home school, in fact I often wished that my parents would school me that way. As for sex-ed, the teaching of it in the school is terrible anyway so I don’t think you or most home schooled kids miss out on much. I spent a lot of my life discovering that the things they taught in school was incorrect… How freaky is that!

    • Home schooling may not be for everyone either, although I find it much better and with less worry. I never actually hated learning, it was, I’d rather play than do math lol. But I understand, I’m a hands-on learner myself, so I never had a teacher, by choice, and I learned way better and at my own pace. But still! I’m grateful for home schooling and public schools, many kids cannot even go to school. ): Thank you for sharing your thoughts! (:

  2. I dunno about your country and al, but I’m from India and school here is pretty much awesome! Yes we have a shit load of school work and homework and have a gazillion tests a year and have cut throat competition, but we have no bullies! Well, at least I’ve never had to face any! Ever! And I’ve never seen any either. Some people are sort of mean and all but nobody bullies you like the kind of bullying I’ve seen in movies n all. And we don’t have sex ed! Which is sort of inconvenient… Oh, and when i hit womanhood, i thought i has a tumor! Haha :-D
    Overall, school life in India is the best part of your entire life! Cuz its just so bloody fun! :-D

    • Oh, absolutely it can be fun. I did forget to mention how it isn’t for everyone. Like asking the child what they want for example lol. But I had some bullying, my money getting stolen and pushed around, etc. I made lot’s of friends from India and never came across one mean person so I can totally believe you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. (:

  3. I was home-schooled as well. I attended some public school and private school in addition to my homeschooling, so I sort of got a little taste of each and some good perspective in which to form an opinion on all options. I have to say regardless of my own opinions on each one, I think it greatly depends on which school you attend (especially private schools), and homeschooling greatly depends on your parents’ abilities, and of course the students themselves. You know this, though. ;)

    There are always pros and cons to everything. I think it’s great that homeschooling has worked out so well for you. There really are a lot of benefits in homeschooling your children. Some studies have shown that, in general, kids who are home-schooled tend to have an easier time learning, are closer with their families, and actually “enjoy” education and learning more than those who attend public schools. They appear to be more intelligent, although the method of teaching cannot actually raise or lower a person’s IQ.

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