Forget everything you’ve ever heard bad about marijuana part II

Alright, this is a following post to my previous post called “Forget everything bad you’ve ever heard about marijuana”, I wrote that while I was very tired and I left out a lot I wanted to add. So first of all, I quit smoking cigarettes, as a 15-year-old girl who thought she knew everything in the world, I honestly believed I could smoke a cigarette and not get addicted. Ignorant, right?
Well, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of but in all honesty, I think a lot about my future and health, even think of death a lot, well not in a depressing way, I actually welcome death one day, just hopefully not anytime soon, I’m only 20. I do not fear dying, I only remain realistic about it. But anyway, back to my point.
Everyone knows the dangers of tobacco yet it’s legal and people smoke it despite the statistics showing that an average 438,000 people per year die just from cigarettes, but it’s legal, who cares right? But people have the right to do how they please I suppose, it’s a free country but only as free as they say.
Now, alcohol, I see nothing all that bad about it IF and only IF it’s used in moderation and a person is responsible and/or mature enough, beer has around 12 or so different minerals and vitamins that could actually benefit certain people, like me for example, however, even just a few drinks already begin to alter a person’s brain waves based on a MRI study I recently read. But if you have a birthday party or wedding, I think it’s okay once in a while to splurge a bit, I personally wouldn’t but with MY health, having about half a beer would be healthy for me since my body kinda wastes away on its own despite my diet which I try to control (I’m doing a horrible job though) and maintain AT LEAST 90 pounds, but I’ve been down to 82. But I’m also short, so I’m not exactly a complete sack of bones, but 20 pounds wouldn’t hurt either. Anyhow, I couldn’t find a complete accurate stat but apparently around 80,000 people are killed by alcohol, rather it’s from driving drunk, alcoholism, alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is a downer, while you may have fun feeling a buzz, it’s still a downer, it can make someone very depressed and make rash choices like putting a bullet in their head or even much worse. Also people like me, on antidepressants and other drugs rather illegal drugs or prescribed, just a little bit can put a person in a coma and kill them. Not to mention alcohol can destroy families and relationships, it can destroy an innocent person’s life, I remember being told about a story that a drunk driver hit a full school bus of children around either Kentucky or Ohio and the driver survived but most of the children did not and their families will suffer for the rest of their lives because of a stranger’s bad mistake.
Marijuana on the other hand, there is not one documented case of marijuana killing anyone, granted perhaps a stoned person was driving and hit someone and killed before, but no one has over dosed on it, destroyed lives like alcohol can. I believe marijuana should be legal BUT with restrictions, like a person cannot operate a vehicle or any machinery while high, cannot smoke or be high during the work place UNLESS they have a medical condition and they have no other choice.
Marijuana never made me upset, I was a happy person with self-control because I don’t smoke a giant blunt by myself, I just need a pinch in a pot pipe and I was good, these days, marijuana is way more potent than it use to be, I don’t like being stoned out of my mind all of the time, maybe late in the night around 9 and I want to just relax, then I would smoke a bit more to calm down because just a few hits makes me wanna clean even more than normal and do all kinds of things, but if I wanted to watch movies, (I have a very short attention span and can never sit still long enough to watch a movie) getting a strong high fixes that problem but on the down side it if I accidentally smoke too much then it can cause a problem, for me anyway, it may not affect everyone like that so that’s why I’ve used it in moderation not just for the high but for the medical benefits.
Honestly, these are just what I have studied and concluded, my facts may not be 100 percent accurate but there is truth to them, I did research as I wrote this just to be sure.
But anyway, I am beginning to get sleepy since I can’t smoke anymore and my insomnia has kept me up yet again, so I hope I shared enough and I also post all about hemp hopefully sometime before Saturday.
Thank you for reading.