Ishtar the Morning Star.

He was so beautiful.

But she simply was not.

Looking into the night sky,

she pleads with the sudden thought.

“Oh, Morning Star, how I can no longer love him from afar.

Oh, Morning Star, shine and paint beauty upon this visage of mine.

Oh, Morning star, cast a warm light and take away the disfiguration without a trace.

Oh, Morning Star, bless me with your beauty and erase the horror of my frightening face.”

The star began to speak,

although not with the answer she seeks.

“My dear, be happy with who you are,

you are beautiful inside.

No need to make such a wish upon this star.”

“Oh, Morning Star, I really must persist.

For, unless I have beauty,

he’ll never know I exist.

“Then it isn’t meant to be,

love is what you feel,

not what you can see.

You must understand you are beautiful as you are.

You must understand, even with beauty you two will not go far.”

“But beautiful is one thing I am not.

Maybe without eyes, he can still love me.”

She replied without thought.

The Morning Star gives in to her contention,

she will never understand that this will never win his attention.

“Is that the wish you wish tonight?

You love this man,

yet you long to take away his sight?

Such a selfish wish, but I will grant it to you.

But I must forewarn

that you really think this through.

For, the price is very high,

not even a second wish

could ever return his sight.”

Hesitant, though she does agree.

The wish is granted,

now the man can no longer see.

Though she bid his sacrifice,

she can only hope that her love can suffice.

The ugly girl goes to find him the very next day,

she wants to tell him everything,

though she doesn’t know what to say.

There he is, the sight of him makes her heart scream.

He looked so at peace, perhaps last night was only but a dream.

She approaches him with fear,

her heart thumps louder and faster as she gets near.

She knows what to say but doesn’t know where to begin,

so she starts to speak with love as her defend.

“I’ve loved you from afar, I’ve loved you for so long.

Even your voice rings in my ears like a delicate song.

You’re everything I could want

and a passion I cannot resist.

I would risk everything for just one kiss.

I know you are blind

but I’m so in love with you,

I want you to be mine.”

He begins to cry from the eyes he could just yesterday see through.

Her words, so pure and full of love,

he knew they must be true.

He looks up as if he could see and then replies,

“your words are so beautiful,

I know they cannot be lies.

Those words are filled with kindness and beauty, I know they must be true.

Those beautiful words simply made me fall in love with you.

I am willing to spend with you, my entire life.

But my dear,

my handicap will only bring you strife.

You even love me despite the case,

but oh,

how I wish I could see your face.”

She looks down towards the ground.

The overwhelming guilt,

she cannot hold back a frown.

“No, you do not wish to see me,

I am far too frightening.

And you,

you whose love and passion is far too enlightening.

It’s better off this way,

my face would only frighten you away.”

The beautiful man looks up as if to look at her.

Eyes staring into the void,

he hardly choked out the whisper.

“Seeing with the heart, where life beats.

through every downfall and tragedy, true love will defeat.

And to see with the heart, where the true love lies,

instead of my heart, I’ve only searched for love with my eyes.

Even now, I feel love’s strong embrace,

I’d give up anything just to see your face.

I feel more love than I’ve ever known,

and I’ll love you no matter what.

I’ll never let you be alone.”

With a sigh in defeat, she believes his words are true

and now she knows what she must do.

She was in love with a man that she wished blind.

She had to make her own sacrifice, but she really didn’t mind.

She gave her eyes to him,

the only way to return his sight.

He opened his eyes

and he left her that night.



There’s a weird little girl

in an odd little town.

She lives in a strange little world

where not a single tear falls down.

Long brown hair and hazel eyes

she has a creepy little face.

But she’s happy here,

in this perfect little place.

In the sky above,

swirls of pink and blue.

A happy world

to always learn something new.

The sweet air is fresh

from the flowers always in bloom

and every night is greeted

by a giant blue moon.

Every star in the sky

and music by the sound of laughter.

There’s no sadness here

but always a happy ever after.

Animals prance about in joy

while the birds sing their songs.

This is a perfect place

where every smile belongs.

Sunny days,

colors cover the ground like a giant quilt.

So much beauty,

so many flowers that never wilt.

Unicorns and candy mountains

and a giant bright rainbow.

It’s colors so gorgeous,

as it gazes at me below.

But I snap out of it

only to be in my bed.

But who needs real life,

when I can live in my head?

Perhaps just a tiny bit morbid of a poem.

Here’s the story

of a lovely lady.

That was beat up by her mother,

until she went completely crazy.

People from all around,

knew her face.

Riddled with contusions,

all of the shame she couldn’t erase.

She slipped into delusions,

trauma was like a cage.

Cramping into not enough space,

until she couldn’t hold back the rage.

Later her mother

came up to abuse her more.

Came to push her around

and slammed her against the door.

Her anger exploded,

her mother saw those dark eyes flare.

She held back the throws,

not a single punch did she dare.

‘You took my sanity,

your abuse has taken its toll.

All the beatings,

broke the light inside my soul.’

‘I don’t deserve this,

my life isn’t yours to claim.

Now I’ll show what’s it’s like

to know everlasting shame.’

‘This is what happens

when a mind is lost.

I’ll make you regret this,

no matter what the cost.’

She hacked her up

with a very large knife.

She held her tongue

as she ended her life.

With a thud,

she fell to the floor.

The sadistic mother

was suddenly no more.

The overwhelming burden

she couldn’t maintain.

Suddenly infused with

this joy she cannot contain.

So she dressed up

and threw a big party.

And chopped her mother up

for bloody corpse confetti.

The town learned

of her horrific deed.

All panicked and decided

that death be the certain need.

They gathered up and

hunted her down.

They set her aflame

then buried her in the ground.

The story passed along towns,

and people saw her fame.

they learned her story

and what she has became.

But she wasn’t at rest,

she would bring upon her wrath.

watching over parents,

murdering abusers in her path.

Her spirit wandered,

hacking up all of the vile.

Fear set in causing

them all to change their life style.

Now she helps all of the children

that need to cover up their scars.

And every parent, remembers the story

that will forever make them keep up their guard.

Yet another poem.


There it is again.

Tick tock.

It’s my old friend,

the most delightful clock.

Reminding me of

every second, minute and hour.

Oh, how it has lasted so long,

as it never seems to lose power.

Tick tock.

Such a reassuring sound,

reminding me of the laws

of physics which are infinitely bound.


Such an illusionary factor.

small images flashing in front of my eyes,

it only exists merely as a life extractor.

I watch as the particles of the universe

flash around me,

though I never have no move

as the world moves around me.

Tick tock.

Such an insightful object.

breaching the walls that are solid mass,

never going back but always reflect.

The theory of time.

Such a foolish thought.

time is nothing but a movie,

yet we all believe what we are taught.

Tick tock.

the images that push through.

It is not time that makes things change,

it is the world that moves around you.

Showing an equation that doesn’t exist,

it is my dear friend, the clock.

Such a useless yet meaningful friend,

reminding me of every tick and tock.

Just another poem.


The most beautiful girl of all.

Just a look from her will make any man fall.

Long black curls and eyes of perfection.

Every man tries to win her

through love and affection.

To win her desired love, one man tries more than any other.

She goes through the men, one after another.

He would give anything to fulfill her every wish and whim.

Yet she walks by and doesn’t even notice him.

Not one is good enough for her.

He could never be the one she would prefer.

She only chooses the very best.

She has her way then moves on to the next.

Her rejection would make him fall apart.

For, she is more beautiful than any fine art.

The aristocrat of lust,

she’s a monster in a mask,

a beauty they shouldn’t trust.

He’ll try again and again even after the fall and reassemble,

Yet a simple walk past her makes him tremble.

She’s a beauty no one could miss.

But he’s just a nobody she would never know exists.

Of those she will pick out she will gaze into the soul,

That special look makes the men beyond control.

They gravel at her feet.

But they’re not good enough for the girl of elite.

His passion burns like fire and she is as cold as ice,

loving her comes with a devastating price.

But fire and ice cannot be bound,

when she is the one everyone else revolves around.

Melting, he is aflame and burning in the fire,

but he’ll do anything for the woman of desire.

She is a demon in disguise,

any man she chooses will soon meet his demise.

She makes the judgement and finally approaches him.

While his excitement is overwhelming, her face lay grim.

He feels so small and insignificant in her shadow beneath.

But she is so pleased that the last thing he saw were rows of sharp teeth.

Just thought I’d share one of older poems.


I can’t break the silence,

It’s breaking me.

The lights here are too bright,

and it’s hard to see.


I musn’t forget,

what was my name again?

How long have I been here?

The time doesn’t seem to end.



Everything is white.

The lights are hurting my eyes,

they’re too bright.


I don’t know why,

but I’m happy here.

Everything outside this box

seems so unclear.


Scribbled on the wall

is my written name.

I must go look,

to make sure it is still the same.


They said I’ll never leave,

who would want to?

Why be in what they called “outside”

when here, there is so much to do.


I can count the tiles

in the ceiling.

What could be better

than the joy I’m feeling?


How long have I been here?

These lights hurt my eyes.

I asked them to turn them down

but they ignore my cries.


Ah, they’re here again,

right on time.

It’s just another food tray,

but the food is far from sublime.


But I eat it anyway,

I’ll only forget what it tastes like soon enough.

Why spend time eating,

when I could be doing other stuff?


What was my name?

I must go look so I don’t forget.

My eyes are sore,

the room is too brightly lit.


I count every step I take

it’s my favorite game.

I play before I go back to the wall

to remember my name.


I hear footsteps outside my white door.

They are back again.

They come to give me pills

every now and then.


I don’t know what pills are

but I take them anyway.

They get very mad

if I don’t do what they say.


I’ll count the steps

while I go to check my name.

It’s not a very good name,

but it’s the one I claim.


The lights in here

are too bright.

I really should tell them

that’s it’s messing up my sight.


But they’ll only yell

and maybe confine me to my bed.

That isn’t much fun

because my name will escape my head.


The time

doesn’t seem to change.

But they say time moves along

though I’ve never seen anything so strange.


They said there’s

a world outside this white room.

It must be bigger walls like in here I’ll assume.


I must go to the wall again

to remember my name.

I’ll count the steps I take

then I’ll make sure it’s still the same.