For people that believe in the paranormal, I have some things I’d like to share. Most, if not all people have experienced some sort of paranormal phenomena at some point in their lives. I myself, have had very, very many. I’m not afraid to share them either. So I will share some of the most memorable.
Once as a child, I woke up in middle of the night to see a large, black figure standing on the side of my bed, I was wide awake, I sat up and looked at it, it didn’t move or say anything, it didn’t look like a man, it had a human figure but it was solid black, I was unafraid and laid back down and went to sleep. It could have been a dream.
Sometimes the phone rings and I know who is calling before I even look at the Call ID. And other times, I can tell when the phone is about to ring before it even does, or I’m thinking about someone and they call a minute afterward. It could all be an unlikely coincidence and it happens all of the time.
As a child around 3 years of age, I use to tell my parents about my past life, I lived in a castle, my mother died and my dad would carry me around on his shoulders, to this day, I do love that time of the world, the knights, castles etc. But I could have simply had a very over active imagination. The only one thing that I could never figure out is how I would cry and tell my mother these exact words, “I tried to get into your belly but they wouldn’t let me”, which these aren’t my biological parents but I’ve been with them for as long as I can remember. Mama says she doesn’t know how I even knew about babies being inside a woman, but it’s possible I’ve seen it on T.V or something else, since I always knew they weren’t my parents but I’ve always called them my mom and dad, perhaps I made the story up for attention.
In our last place, I had the most experience, breezes of cold air, but it was an old house, seeing things out of the corner of my eye, but that was before I got my glasses. One I cannot explain is how we all saw a black and white cat run through the house every few months, there was no way a cat could of gotten in, there was secure windows and doors to the basement and it was a two family house, my aunt and uncle lived on the ground floor and we lived on the top, I do not recall them ever seeing a cat but we did, I often felt it jump up in my bed at night and I would mistake it for being my dog. Even the kneading on my back was clearly felt by the cat. I’d often see a shadow of a young girl in my room from the hallway, my clocks would stop, my music box would play and once my dad even seen a girl walk through the hallway and thought it was me.
There’s just a few of the things that has happened.
Strange how it all happens, but I think I can also explain how some of these things happen, not by providing logical answers like “I was seeing things”, but through science and other possible logical answers, thanks to my obsession with subatomic physics and the super-string theory, we all apparently exist in ten or more dimensions at different points in time and these subatomic particles can pass through these dimensions from the past, present and future and interfere with our everyday lives, that could possibly be the cause of some of the paranormal.
But I could be wrong, I was simply thinking about it for a short time since there’s been some odd things happening around here lately. But that is simply a theory, it could all be in my head or my over-active imagination or I could be down right mad, or it is very possible that it is all real and we have yet to find a better reason to explain it. Either way, it’s best to keep the mind open because in such a strange universe, you never know what can happen.


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