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Why hemp/cannabis is the most amazing plant and the conspiracy to keep them both illegal.

Industrial hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa and is of the same plant species as marijuana.
However, hemp is genetically different and distinguished by its use and chemical makeup. But hemp is largely misunderstood and deemed of misinformation by big business and government who have a vested interest in its prohibition. Hemp has been cultivated for over ten thousand years. The government and media solely speak ill of hemp, ignoring the many uses of hemp. For many years, high protein hemp seeds were used as food and in making hemp oil, which has been found to be richer in polyunsaturated fats than canola or soy and throughout the subcontinent it was a valuable medicine used to treat malaria, improve digestion, cure dysentery, increase mental power and heighten sexual potency. Even the bible speaks of hemp several times in the Old Testament; In Ezekiel 34:29, hemp (Kaneh) is called a “plant of reknown”. Few remember that between the American Revolution and the Second World War, hemp was one of our country’s most important agricultural crops. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their plantations and both encouraged its widespread cultivation.
Just one acre of hemp can produce 300 gallons of fuel, 3 tons of protein and 30 tons of fiber.
Today, hemp can be used for cheap paper, helping to end deforestation and the Green House effect. Hemp can even be used for furniture, wicker, rope, clothes, cardboard, bags, cars, medicine, concrete and fuel so we no longer need to depend on fossil fuels. The hemp plant is a renewable resource that can be produced domestically and everything made from hemp is 100 percent biodegradable, it’s obviously very eco-friendly and can replace toxic petrochemical products. Need I say anymore why hemp is such an amazing plant? Probably not, but I will anyway.
Hemp is not exactly marijuana but both are amazing plants that should be legalized. However it does contain small amounts of THC, (not as much as marijuana) new research shows that small doses of TCH can benefit the heart, but a person would have to smoke or ingest A LOT of hemp to feel any high, and as mentioned in my previous posts about marijuana, it is also misunderstood and the media and government only focus on the few negatives while completely ignoring the insane amount of benefits.
The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper. Because hemp fiber is ten times stronger than cotton, it was traditionally made into twine, canvas and clothing. The sails for the USS Constitution, and nearly every other old sailing ship, were made of durable hemp fabric. Hemp can be used to make an astounding 25,000 different products, the fiber from hemp stalks can be used to make textiles for apparel, diapers, sheets, towels, tents, drapes, knapsacks and shoes. The first Levi’s jeans were made of hemp fibers which are longer, stronger, more lustrous, absorbent and mildew resistant than cotton.
In addition to salad oil, margarine and food supplements, hempseed oil has been used to make paint, varnish, ink, fuel, plastic resin, solvents and lubricating oils. It can also be used to make soap, shampoo, bath gels and cosmetics. Hempseed is the world’s second richest plant source of protein and is cheaper to cultivate than even soybeans. Hemp protein can be added to flour and animal feed instead of more expensive crops like soy and corn, thus creating more healthier red meats and poultry. Until the development of aspirin and barbiturates, cannabis was an important drug in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was used to treat rheumatism, ulcers, asthma, insomnia, migraine and other health problems, over 250 of them and is known to “turn off” cancer. Although information of its therapeutic value is ignored by the mainstream media, a growing number of physicians have investigated the medicinal values of hemp. The excellent book, Marihuana: the Forbidden Medicine, by Lester Grinspoon, M.D. and James B. Bakalar, discusses many of their findings. After numerous lawsuits on behalf of cancer patients, 35 states now permit hemp to be consumed primarily to counteract the nausea produced by cancer chemotherapy and AIDS drugs, just like marijuana can but the benefits of marijuana is supposedly more effective.
Hemp and marijuana has long been valued as a euphoric, uplifting and mind-expanding herb. A campaign organized by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and supported by the alcohol, tobacco, petrochemical and paper industries during the 1930’s led the public to believe that hemp as addictive and caused “violent crimes and psychological and emotional degeneration.” Despite a number of scientific studies (including one undertaken in New York City by the LaGuardia administration which found no proof that major crime was associated with marijuana or that it caused aggressive or anti-social behavior) it was declared a dangerous drug by the Federal Government and outlawed in 1937, to this day the government still believes marijuana is more dangerous than cocain and heroin, stating it has no medical value.
While the abuse of mind-altering substances can be harmful, especially while driving or operating machinery, there have been no studies that have proven that smoking hemp/cannabis is either dangerous or addictive. A major study in Jamaica between 1968 and 1975, sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health (Vera Rubin and Lambros Comitas, Ganja in Jamaica: A Medical Anthropological Study of Chronic Marihuana Use: Anchor Books, NY, 1975), reported even regular smoking of ganja was “without deleterious social or psychological consequences” and found “no impairment of physiological, sensory and perceptual-motor performance, tests of concept formation, abstracting ability and cognitive style and tests of memory.” The study also debunked the theory that hemp/marijuana smoking leads the user to hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, since the use of hard drugs among working class Jamaicans is virtually unknown.
According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 10,000 acres planted in hemp will yield as much paper as 40,000 acres planted in trees, and requires far less caustic chemicals in its manufacture than paper from wood pulp. Its potential use as an environmentally-friendly source of paper, including corrugated boxes, computer paper and stationery, as well as paperboard and particle board for furniture and housing construction, is enormous. Even if 1917 technology to process hemp into pulp were used today, hemp could replace about 70 percent of all wood pulp produced by paper mills.
Coal and petrochemicals originally received their energy from the sun millions of years ago and stored energy as the plants decayed. When burned, they release pollutants into the atmosphere. Biomass fuel, on the other hand, releases fewer pollutants and the fuel source spends the growing season removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Hemp is the world’s champion photosynthesizer converting solar energy into biomass more efficiently than almost any other plant. Hemp has at least four times the biomass/cellulose potential of corn or kneaf. It can also compete economically with petroleum-based fuels, without depleting the ozone layer. During World War II, Henry Ford even developed a car that could run on hemp-based fuel.
That basically sums it all up, hemp is one, if not, the best plant in the world and I honestly believe it is some sort of conspiracy by the government to somehow benefit them, why do I think that? I’ll explain, when powerful businesses don’t like something, they can usually get something done about it. The 1937 criminalization of marijuana is a case where this manipulation is obvious. Hemp threatens certain powerful businesses today, just as it did in 1937.
As the methods for processing hemp into paper and plastics were becoming more readily available and affordable, business leaders including William Randolph Hearst and DuPont stood to lose fortunes. They did everything in their power to have it outlawed. Luckily for Hearst, he was the owner of a chain of newspapers. DuPont’s chief financial backer Andrew Mellon (also the Secretary of the Treasury during President Hoover) was responsible for appointing Harry J. Anslinger, in 1931 as the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Hearst’s papers deplorably published enhanced accounts of marijuana-crazed black men raping white women. With these sensationalist newspaper stories as his support, Anslinger testified before Congress that, “Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind”, so it became illegal because of lies and greed. Ironically more African Americans are ten times more likely to arrested for drug abuse although just as many whites abuse drugs, and marijuana is the most common “drug”, if marijuana and hemp were legalized, it would take more than 70% of people out of jail and federal prison and cut deeply into the profits and violence of Mexican drug lords. Does anyone know how violent they really are? It is common to find be-headed/dismembered bodies in middle of the plain streets in Mexico. An example is of two people that were somehow connected to a Drug Lord and apparently did something to displease him/them, so they skinned their faces off while alive and tortured them and were of course, found dead tied to chairs. The War on Drugs has been a complete failure, it spends more money to keep it prohibited and it’s failing dramatically and may I remind you, it’s tax payer money that the government uses meaning, you pay to put people in jail for having a harmless herb.
So if my post here changed your views on hemp/marijuana, the best thing you can do to support it is to tell people about it, share information that has been learned about all of the benefits of marijuana and hemp, although many now support the legalization, hardly enough are aware of it’s true value. If you feel very strongly about the legalization like I do, a lot can be done, email or write senators and your representatives, keep up on its news and research etc.
But that’s all I have to say about it, thank you to all who reads this.



This cubicle is so cold and the sky is still gray.
And the sorrow and pain increases with each passing day.

Oh, how I miss the joys of summer and playing.
But by the looks of the results, it looks like I might be staying.

I had just turned three.
But you need to know, the world will go on without me.

All I can hear is the sound of the machine.
And watching more results light up on the screen.

Mommy keeps telling me that I will soon improve.
But oh, how it hurts to even move.

All of the nurses happily come in and try to make me smile.

But they’re the ones hiding behind denial.

I hate to see my mommy cry.
I want her to know that I’m not afraid to die.

Even if I don’t make it through,
you should know that the hardest part is leaving you.

I don’t know if I’ll live to see sixteen or one day marry,
but mommy this isn’t a burden for you to carry.

My skin has grown pale and all my hair is missing.
But I still smile from the memories and reminiscing.

I don’t need to be afraid because my mommy is here.
But why my life must end so shortly is still unclear.

It came a little early but this is my death.
The pain is fading, so I take my final breath.

There’s so many questions no one can answer,
but maybe one day, there will be a cure for cancer.