Once again, I have returned

I should stop disappearing like this. Anyway, I should be back for good now, I had a few laptop issues but my thought process hasn’t stopped and I intend to write about the thoughts I’ve had lately on some theories I’ve created on life.
It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 months since my dog has passed away, still hanging on but loose it every now and again, Rosco is doing well, unfortunately he is getting neutered on April 2nd. It’s a little embarrassing, but he has something called Paraphimosis, if curious, look it up because I’m too embarrassed to explain it. I never wanted him to get neutered, it just seems mean, no? But it’s for the best, apparently.
Anyway, after Google Chrome refused to load this site for about 4 months, I finally decided to get Firefox, so here I am, and I’m so glad to be back, reading and writing posts.
I’ve also decided to become a zoologist, and I’ll be moving soon so there may be one more time I’ll disappear for a little while, but I’ll be able to give a heads-up this time.

And FYI I’ll be playing a fun prank on my dad tomorrow, when he wakes up, I’ll speak nothing without using a country accent and claim I’ve been this way all of my life and he’s just going crazy, mama is on it. I’ll let you know what happens.
And dear Rich, it seems your last email to me has gone missing, please message me again if you wish to still chat. (:


One thought on “Once again, I have returned

  1. Speaking of zoologists, Desmond Morris is a zoologist that studied people in the same way that he had previously studied animals. One of his most popular books is called “The Naked Ape: A Zoologist’s Study of the Human Animal”. His way of thinking helped me to understand humanity quite a bit better.

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