Just a poem.

On top of a mountain, a diamond, aglow.

He must climb to the top, despite the frigid snow.


She said she wants it and that’s fine.

She always gets what she wants but he doesn’t mind.


The diamond fit for the elite.

He climbs, praying a slip doesn’t lose his feet.


She gets whatever she wants and that’s the way it is.

He cannot say no so the burden is his.


He makes it half way to the top.

It is too cold, he has to climb nonstop.


The rocks tumble beneath him as he climbs.

To fulfill her wishes as he’s done so many times.


The bitter cold burns his skin.

To retrieve her whim as it’s always been.


She said she just had to have it.

A task he has to commit.


He’d give her the world if he could.

He does all to make that well understood.


He knows the diamond will make her amazed.

But the height is making him dazed.


He adverts his eyes from below.

His hands going numb from the snow.


The tips of his fingers have turned black.

But he’s come too far to go back.


The diamond is so close to reach.

But his hands are covered in thick ice he cannot breach.


His chest is tighter than he can believe.

And he finds it’s getting harder to breathe.


He knows she wants it so he won’t give in.

All to keep her happy as it’s always been.


He loses his grip and falls without a sound.

Grabbing the diamond tightly and he tumbles to the ground.


She always got what she wanted and that was fine.

But she had too many demands he simply couldn’t decline.


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