Me and Bucky.

Bucky had a hair cut and today she is getting a bath! I clipped her nails, which need to be clipped again since the quick was too long so they weren’t clipped short enough but the quick should be shorter now. She is going to be brushed and I’m going to brush her teeth afterwards and she will the sexiest little dog in Indiana.

She had a birthday last month, it’s hard to believe she’s 64 in doggy years. She still looks like that little baby puppy in the face. But before she gets her bath I’m going to surprise her with the magic words, “bye-bye”.  Yep, she loves going for walks. She is my baby. I do not care what anyone says, pets are like your children. And this doggy is definitely my baby.

Anyway, I have to go clean up and make coffee for mama and daddy. But here’s a little something from her last bath that might make you giggle.


One thought on “Me and Bucky.

  1. I had 2 poodles some 20 years ago, a toy poodle and another one a little bigger. It was some fun, but a lot of work too… I understand what you mean when you say they are your babies… The issue comes when you really get babies… and things sometime get complicated… But you still need to find a bf, so no worry ;-)

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