Cats are adorable. The way they can be so easily amused with a simple string or ball. Then the not-so-adorable moments they try to claw your eyes out but still, they’re adorable.

Cats are fascinating. They kill just to kill. They may not want to eat that mouse or bird they pounced but they kill it because they can. It makes me wonder if they would take over the world if they could. I think they would. But with those big adorable eyes and little whiskers, I would personally bow before them before they even tried to rule me. I could see that happening.

A Ragdoll kitten rules the earth and demands only the finest silk to be used as a scratching post. Every item in the world would be made out of cat nip and all the dogs would be banished to the moon…


that’s how I would imagine it. It makes me rethink wanting a kitten as I desperately do. But the neighbors bought a cat about a year ago they leave outside all year around. Which I HATE. I don’t get why someone would do that. The poor baby is ate up with fleas, she’s already had kittens and they don’t even feed her. But every time she sees me, she runs up to me and I smile and talk to her while she uses my legs for a scratching post. I call her Gypsy since I do not know her real name but if my parents said I could keep her, I would take way better care of her than the neighbors do. I just hope she wouldn’t try to rule the world because with those big golden eyes, she could get away with anything.


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