The meaning of existence isn’t so palpable. Why are we here? –An all too common question. One that isn’t going to answer itself. But one could objurgate that the answer varies. But what is the main reason? If there’s any reason at all, that is.

Does it matter? Trying to figure it out isn’t going to do anything but make my brain hurt. All I do is curiously tilt my head in wonder and ponder about why I even try to figure it out. But asking these questions is fun, even without the answers. How am I to know that I even exist? How do I know that anything is real? But who cares? I chose to believe that I exist and so does everything else.

Life is simply inscrutable. Life is a video game leaving most people without cheats and everyone without start overs. There’s always challenges and battles with some goal at the end. Yet some people find glitches. Maybe they’re in a horrible accident leaving them paralyzed or they have a mental illness.

I’m not really going anywhere with this, just basically thinking out loud. But as I watch the world move around me, I find it harder and harder to imagine there is no meaning to life. Despite the lack of answers, there must be something going on we’re not all aware of.

At the moment, I’m taking time to just be grateful for everything I do and do not have. Something I probably don’t do often enough. Oh, how grateful I am to just be able to walk, see, speak and feel love from my family. My cousin I mentioned before with having cancer passed away last week and I’m taking extra time to be grateful for the lives that aren’t gone yet.

We all think we have all the time in the world, that we will live a long full life, fall in love and have children. But I could be killed tomorrow without ever having done anything in my life. There’s always that ominous voice in our heads telling us to do something with our lives.

What do I want? I want to hold a bird in my hand, I want to feed apples to a horse, I want to save the lives of animals and love them. Anyone who knows me, knows that animals are my everything. They know I have some sort of “gift” with animals.

That could be the meaning of my life, but not all of existence. I guess no one will really know, but perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.


4 thoughts on “Meaning.

  1. Just passing by returning the visit…
    I just wonder how old you are, from the face pics I assume something between 16 and 20 but I’m not sure. Just pure curiosity of course :-)

    Your questions regarding life will never have answers. Since you love animals, just put yourself in the skin of an animal: why are they living, what is their purpose? Of course, the answer is simple: keep the species from extinguishing, which means stay alive, reproduce and bring their offspring to grown-ups…

    We’re not different. We just think more and make useless questions about theology, the universe and our place within, but our purpose is exactly the same.

    Of course, most people would be disappointed in that answer, because we think we are superior, we think we can change things, we think we are the masters of universe. The human ego comes in the way. But we’re just another species, we’re made of the same particles as most species on Earth (and probably in the universe) and we strive to stay alive.

    We make our lives more complex than any other species because we want to think we’re different, so we create pleasure, we create leisure, we create wealth and many other things that most other species would find useless.

    But in the end, the trick is not to ask too many questions that have no answers: live your life as it comes, because that’s the way it has to be. Whatever you will do that is not “natural” will just be a selfish desire.

    But I agree we can want to be selfish from time to time, because we lose faith in what we’re supposed to do. And sometimes we’re altruist too: we want to help others. The only reason behind that: we want to continue the species. It’s in your ADN, you can’t go far away from it ;-)


    • I am 20 lol. (:

      Of course, that is the purpose of all living ceatures. But that’s not what I was wondering. I mean “why?”. The meaning of existence in general. I just assume we are on display. Life is just a big theatrical play or video game for ones amusement. Which is very interesting to me. I’m just another character in this simulation we call life and existence.

      Homo sapiens are no more superior than the insects that pester us in life. I am okay with that. I feel we all part of this world together and should be treated as such.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, you said all of that beautifully. (:

      • Why we are here…? That’s the same as asking why Earth is (almost) a sphere and not a cube… LOL…

        We are the (happy?) combination of particles. Just because particles attract one another and build more complex elements.

        So, why? hmm… I don’t think there’s more answer to that than to the existence of a god… ;-) The big problem with mankind is that we always want to explain everything instead of enjoying it ;-)

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