Me and animals.

I must learn to say no to my sister. Or else, I’ll be living over there. She’s coming over to kidnap me again tomorrow. I JUST GOT HOME FROM THERE. I cannot help it. She has this power over me and I lose all ability to say no. Darn her, she does the exact same thing I do if she doesn’t get something she really wants, she pouts.

Gah, now I know how I make my parents feel when I start pouting.

But it isn’t so bad. I actually met their neighbors. I really didn’t say a whole lot to them since it was awkward for me but when I saw their pit bull puppy, I became their best friends. We even traded Xbox games. Now I have Halo. I mostly talked to them about how to train their new puppy and how it’s important to socialize her. Then of course, any other neighbor’s that had pets, I spoke to. So all a person needs apparently is an animal for me to not feel awkward and speak to them with complete eye contact.

Neighbor: “careful, he tries to nip.”

Me: “I don’t see any aggression in his body language, he’s just acting like a big baby.”

Doggy jumps in my lap and kisses me.

Me: “Aww, you’re just a big baby boy, aren’t you.”

Neighbor: “He normally tries to nip at strangers, but he’s acting like a puppy right now.”

Yes, it’s true. I have this power over animals and they just love me haha. I remember back at my old place in Indiana, I’d have apples, I love apples and I’d take a walk by the woods and sometimes deer would come out and actually take apple slices straight from my hand. I never called them towards me so I’m guessing they were tame deer.

Normally I wouldn’t do that with a wild animal but it was so surreal to me, I let them take the apples, I never touched the deer though. I just went on my merry way. Although, I wish I could do that again, it was just so heart warming to me to be with an animal most people can never get close to and have it eating out of my hand.

Oh, if only I could see all of those little animals I’ve saved before. So many baby birds, kittens and bunnies I fed every four hours to save. I even lost some. I remember an orphan bunny I found at the cemetery years ago, it was so tiny. No way it would have survived. At first, I thought the mama bunny would be back for it but when I found a dead bunny by the road, I chose to take the little baby. For 2 months, I took care of her till I went back to the cemetery to release her. It was heart breaking, the way she tried to follow me back to the car. But it was for the best.

Anyway. I really need to clean my room before I have to leave again tomorrow. I just cleaned my walls and everything on the walls so now I have to clean everything else and hopefully shampoo my carpet again before I have to leave. I wish I had to more time to brain storm on an interesting blog I could have posted but at least I got to post something.

Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Me and animals.

  1. You seem to really love animals ^_^ how old are you? Do you consider them in any of your career paths?
    The way you say the deer just came up to you, you remind me of Snow White lol okay that’s my second reference to Disney in my only two comments on your page so far. Sorry.

    Take care x

    • I’m 20, I do love animals, they’re my passion in life. I’m not ambitious at all but yes, it’s the only kind of career I will consider. I thought of vet, but I hate school and going for 8 years IS worth it, but I’m too lazy for 8 years of school. xD Thank you for sharing yor thoughts. (: And thanks! Lol, Snow White is my favorite!

      • Ah, bit of a problem with the ol’ education part of being a vet then lol Well you could always volunteer in a rescue center :)
        Glad you like Snow White, she has a way with the animals like you.

        Take care.

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