Once again, I am back home. I was tricked into staying another few days with my sister. Now, no matter what, I will NOT be tricked into going back for a while. I’ve missed being home with my guitars, parents, dog, plants and just simply the comfort of home that no other house can compare to.

And to whom it concerns, I did not go on a date like my sister wanted me to with this Jake fellow. I still feel the pressure from her and Matt so I’m just building up courage and confidence. Only one date. It’s not a big deal, right? I could just pretend we’re hanging out. Or something.

I don’t know. The word “date” makes it all the more uncomfortable. Perhaps I should say that instead of “date” we hang out and play Xbox. I am not comfortable with getting dressed up “cute” and have all of that attention on me. I’m fine with my Korn tee-shirt and jeans I’m wearing now while playing games. Mama and Miranda would push me to get all “dolled up” in make-up and a dress and have him take me to lunch or dinner then movie. That would be so boring. I can amuse myself more with my light up yoyo or paddle ball than a movie. Unless it’s a totally awesome movie like Snow White (the Disney one), or any other good Disney movie.

Oh well, I’m thinking too much about it.

Anyway, I’m working on a few ideas for something a bit more interesting to post instead of this. So I’m going to end this here then go write short stories then come up with something later.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. I know I’m a bit late to this, haven’t checked my wordpress in a couple weeks, but you sound liek you can be pretty level headed.
    Just go on the ‘date’ when you feel you could handle it, and don’t think of it as a date. Think of it as just seeing someone. Meeting up. Catching up. Getting to know someone.
    Anything other than that horrible horrible word that brings to mind pictures of awkward two seater booths in crammed italian restaurants with cheesy music playing, avoiding giggling at the though tof Lady & The Tramp now, make sure you take the last meat ball ;) Guys shouldn’t have the last one :P
    If you’re comfortable in your Korn tshirt, wear it. He wouldn’t be on a date with YOU if you didn’t act like you. Be yourself. Yes, it’s an overused cliche line that we hear all the time, but being yourself is better than being somebody else.
    Hope this may have helped.
    If I’m too late for the agony aunt advice, then, well, I hope it went well and he’s swooning as we speak :)

    Take Care x

    • Actually, you’re not late at all. I’m still kind of hiding and avoiding it as much as possible. Oh, I know to be nothing but myself, although, myself is a very awkward, quiet person. To put it simply, I don’t feel ready for any relaionship. None of that lovey-dovey stuff, holding hands, hugging or worse is comfortable for me at the time. Even if I do like him, I’m not comfortable with it. Any advice for that? Lol. Cause that’s where I’m stuck. I crave for affection and being cared for, but the awkwardness that comes with it is holding me back.
      Thank you so much though, your thoughts are so helpful. (:

      • The awkwardness passes in two ways, either naturally over time you adjust to the affection, or you just find you are THAT comfortable with a person that it isn’t an issue and it feels more nice than awkward.
        Being shy and blushing is always cute though, so if it’s how you are then don’t worry. Just don’t shrink into the shadows or run away. You won’t realise how nice it can be to have ‘the lovey dovey stuff’ until you experience it. If it doesn’t feel right with someone, then, don’t do it.
        Affection is earned.Just like love, sex, and freshly baked cookies :D
        Cookies are practically currency in my little world :P

        Hope this helps.

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