Awkward conversation with my sister. Help!

Dad: Sarah! Your sister is on the phone and wants to talk to you!

Me: I hate talking on the phone! *whines jokingly*

Dad: Come talk to your sister!

Me. Ugh. Yes sir.

Miranda: Hi, seester!

Me: Hiiii!

Miranda: Go to your room so grandpa can’t hear us.

Me: Why?

Miranda: *giggles* Just do it.

Me: Okie dokie lokie.

Me: Okay. What now?

Miranda: Guess what?

Me: Most toilets flush in E flat?

Miranda: ..Huh? What?.. No. I know someone that likes you.

Me: A friend?

Miranda: Yes, he said he likes you.

Me: Oh. You don’t mean as a friend?

Miranda: What do you mean?

Me: I thought you meant someone likes me as a friend.

Miranda: You don’t have any friends.

Me: Heather.

Miranda: Only because she lives so far away and she doesn’t have to put up with you all the time. *jokingly*

Me: Valid point.

Miranda: It’s Jake, remember him?

Me: Yes? So?

Miranda: So, have him take you out on a date!

Me: Um. No.. That’s okay. I’ll just stay here.

Miranda: Why not! Don’t you like him?

Me: Sure, I suppose, he’s nice and funny.

Miranda: Well, don’t you want a boy-toy? He could be your lover!

Me: You’re strange.

Miranda: Coming from the person that has conversations with spiders and plays with toys.

Me: Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen? Cleaning or taking care of your man? *joking*

Miranda: I could see you meeting Jake now. *acts like me* Oh, hi Jakey-wakey. Do wanna play with MY Xbox?

Me: That makes no sense!

Miranda: Are you gonna date him?! You two would look so cute together!

Me: He makes fun of my voice.

Miranda: Because he thinks it’s cute!

Me: He said I sound like a mouse!

Miranda: *laughs* Because it’s cute!

Me: *I start to stutter, it happens once in a while* Wh-why are you concerned with my my love life?

Miranda: Because you don’t have a love life.

Me: What’s wrong with that?

Miranda: Because you let your shyness get in the way of everything.

Me: It’s awkwardness, I’m not shy. And I’m working on that.

Miranda: *acts like me again* Oh, Miranda, will order for me, I’m too shy to speak to the waitress myself.

Me: That’s because last time I ordered to her, she went on about my voice. And I didn’t say that!

Miranda: Everyone says something about your voice!

Me: Ugh, I knowww.

Miranda: Let him take you on a date. Please, for me anyway? I think it’ll really help you!

Me: Wouldn’t that be leading him on? Just doing it so it may help me? That’s not very nice.

Miranda: I didn’t mean like that! You said you liked him.

Me: As a friend.

Miranda: You don’t like him that way?

Me: I dunno. I don’t really know his personality.

Miranda: Do you think he’s cute?

Me: In a puppy dog sort of way, sure.

Miranda: Don’t you like anyone?

Me: I don’t gossip about that sort of thing.

Miranda: It isn’t gossip!

Miranda: Jake has a farm.

Me: A farm?? Really? Does he have animals?

Miranda: I don’t know. I can ask.

Me: Um. No, that’s okay.

Miranda: No, hold on, I’ll ask him right now.

Me: Nooo.

Miranda: Just give it a shot. Please, just to see if you like him. He’s really a great person.

Me: I don’t wanna be hooked up with anyone.

Miranda: Just try it, pleaaaassse. I’m only trying to help.

Me: Beni benimle birak. (leave me alone.)

Miranda: No! Just one date. You may really like him.

Me: Ugh. *sigh* What if I don’t like him like that? I don’t want to hurt him.

Miranda: It’s better to hurt him for only a little bit than never giving him a chance.

Me: Really?

Miranda: Yes.

Me: But it seems so mean.

Miranda: No it’s not! It’s life!

Me: I guess that if I don’t like him or vice versa then it simply isn’t supposed to be that way.

Miranda: Exactly. So give him a shot, he really likes you.

Me: You know, I’ll only say yes because you will never stop bugging me about it. Besides, it may be fun. Maybe. Hopefully. Oh.. I don’t know, maybe I should just stay here…

Miranda: Nooo! It’ll be fun, please please please pleeeaaaseeee. *very dramatic please*

Me: *sigh* If it means that much to you. Alright.

Miranda: Yay! just one date, he doesn’t need to be your boyfriend or anything.

Me: Okay, I’ll just have to say that it’s nothing serious, just giving it a shot in case I do end up liking him.

Miranda: He’s sexy, how could you not?

Me: Looks are about as meaningful as the dirty pair of socks your husband likes to throw at me.

Miranda: Haha. You can hit him for that!

Me: That’s mean. I’ll stick to just mooning him haha.

Miranda: Hahaha. I’ll let you go then! Just next time you come over, you can call Jake! Okay? Ich liebe dich!

Me: I hate talking on the phone. Ich liebe dich auch. Bye!

I normally don’t ask for advice. But I’m not into dating quite yet, I’m working on my awkwardness and other things right now. But does this seem like a good idea? Or does it seem kinda mean? I thought I should only go on a date if I want to. Not because my sister bound and gagged me put a gun to my head and said “DATE HIM”.

I can’t help but think this feels a little wrong, but who knows, I may end up liking him. But if I’m not ready, this may do more harm than good. I don’t know what to think. The thing feels very confusing. Help?


2 thoughts on “Awkward conversation with my sister. Help!

  1. Sometimes it can be helpful to have someone push us out the door, otherwise we might never do anything on our own. And, we can’t wait until we’ve fixed everything about ourselves before we venture out into the world, otherwise we’d never go out.

    Some people might think a date means you actually like them, but some people think a date is just a trial to see if you’re compatible — it depends on the person. So that’s a risk, but typically, it’s not a big one.

    I’d ask yourself, will you feel any regret if you don’t do this? If so, then maybe you do want to do it. What about a double-date, you/him and your sister/husband all doing something together?

  2. Whittlin Rich’s suggestion for a double date is a great idea. I would suggest going out with him, alone or on a double date, and just being up front about your intentions. There’s nothing wrong with letting him know that you may not be ready yet to start dating. Tell him that you’d just like to get to know him and not to take offense if you only want to be friends. Just be honest with him and have a good time.

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