Just thinking again.

Is there really any point to life? One may say, absolutely, are you nuts?! Others may say, the point is to die. Even more say that is just simply to live and enjoy life. I like to think of life as a giant video game, that we’re all a giant simulation, being told what to do by something pressing a bunch of buttons. Sometimes I take things too seriously, other times, I take nothing as serious. Life reminds me of babysitting. Tending to the needs of our body, because just like a baby, we cannot expect our skin to just pop off and go bathe itself, or have our stomaches take a little joy ride by its self to get food. No, we have to do it ourselves.

Life is unfair. But life is unfair for everyone, which makes it fair. I am optimistic and ebullient, rather there is any point to life, it doesn’t matter to me at all. I often ponder about what makes life so great for me. Although I can disport myself, it is immediately forgotten. Was there really any point to it? The small things make me wonder. I believe that there are many purposes and none at all. I bet you’re wondering how it can be both.

Just like my own theory on time, I believe that it does exist and that it doesn’t exist. Time is just a word to me, to describe the minutes, hours and years. But do I believe that time is actually real? Yes and no. I believe that since the world moves around us that we’re constantly in motion even when not a single muscle is flinched. We are constantly being thrown into new dimensions that are taking place at different moments. That is time. Time as we all perceive isn’t real to me, every moment in “time”, past, present, future are all taking place at this very moment, and probably always will. I believe in a lot of things in similar ways. Life being one of them. There is no real point to living, yet everywhere I look I can find a point to it. Even this blog. Is there any point? It doesn’t seem like it. Yet, there is a point, me just writing, getting my thoughts out there in case anyone decides to read it. Is there any point to a person reading it? No. But yes, if I got a single like or a person shared their thoughts, it’s nice. Just that anyone would take the time to see what I’ve written is nice.

All I know, is that, despite time and finding a purpose in life, I am self-aware. Even if there is no real purpose in life, I do not care, I will find my own purpose. I already have many, my love for animals and caring for them being my number one.

Perhaps, that’s all I really need to find a point to everything.


One thought on “Just thinking again.

  1. Ya I don’t know if there really is a real purpose to life. We’re just a bunch of organisms doing whatever to perpetuate our species existence in some way. We all live and think that we’re so important but our lives really don’t mean much in the grand scale of things. Doesn’t really mean that much in the small scale either. I guess while I’m here I’m going to try my best to detour misery and gravitate to enjoyment.

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