No catchy title here.

I am finally back home, and it’s great. I’d blog about my time spent at my sister’s, but it was really rather boring, I mostly sat on the floor bouncing a ball against the wall while my sister watched awful chick flicks. She just doesn’t like being lonely.

Well, than again, there was some excitement. Drama, actually.

Matt and Miranda got into a silly fight, I can’t even remember what about. But Miranda started pushing him and he called her names, then he left the apartment while I just sat on the floor twirling the carpet fibers with my finger and pretending to fiddle around with anything and everything. THEN, my sister goes on about “I’m going to kill myself” (Yes, she gets very dramatic and over-emotional.), so I’m stuck acting like the older sibling, then I get mad at her for talking like that but she calms down. I’m lucky, I wasn’t forced to pick sides because I couldn’t do that. But later Matt is all like, “you need to move out” so guess who is stuck carrying her stuff outside while Miranda sits on the floor crying…, me lol. Of course, I knew it was a waste since I knew they’d be all lovey-dovey again later that night. But, I did it anyway. So, I’m carrying my sister’s stuff and heavy boxes then I get frustrated that they would do this in front of me and told them “you know, you’re married now, you’re no longer boyfriend and girlfriend, you two need to grow up, both of you, you can’t just have a fight and say the marriage is over”, and I go on, rather complaining at them since I didn’t wanna be around this stuff.

But of course, they talked it out and went all lovey-dovey like I said, then when they had their “making up time” (thin walls, by the way. Very awkward.) guess who got to carry her stuff back in lol. Me.

Granted, I probably shouldn’t put this up for the world to see, for my sister’s sake, though it brings me to my point. What is wrong with young people today?! She’s the older one and I felt like a parent. A very awkward parent, but still. They love each other so why act that way? All I could do is watch and point out everything I would have done differently in my mind then try to explain that they need to find better ways to deal with it. Like, no pushing. Letting the man leave and cool off instead of blocking the door saying “I’ll kill myself if you leave”, just letting it all go. I put on a funny movie for my sister and I to watch after explaining that “if you stay mad, you’re hurting yourself more than him, so just let it go and laugh at the funny movie till he cools off”.

I would have approached everything with a more logical standpoint. Example, talking is important, although people tend to talk too much and not listen enough or get defensive and try to justify themselves before admitting they did wrong too. So just briefly talk about it and more importantly, listen. Respect space is one thing. I noticed some women like to clean or something after an argument and basically taunt the man by cleaning in the same room, raising the tension or by getting in the man’s personal space to “clean” something close to him. I personally would just go off and do my own thing away from the man, I’m lucky enough to be able to control my anger most of the time and let it go instead of letting it take over me then yell and aimlessly lash out things I never meant to say. Anger clouds judgment and is rather a useless emotion a majority of the time. Sometimes someone has to be the bigger person. In my opinion, admitting to yourself that you’re wrong is healthy. If a person feels guilt, then they did wrong somehow. I’m not perfect, I may even snap back, but mostly I’d probably just go cry for a bit and let it out then maybe, write, play Xbox or something to get my mind off of it till I’ve let it go. That’s when it’s time to admit you’re wrong, if you argued back, then you both did wrong. Someone needs to say sorry. And if you’re both sorry, why does it matter who says it first? You cannot change what is done so it’s useless to stay mad or upset.

I’ve done this many times with my parents, and I could see myself doing it with a significant other as well. After an argument, I cry or pout for a while before feeling guilty, admit to myself that I was wrong, let it go for a little while before getting into a better mood and slowly come poking out of my room, fiddling with hands and dragging my feet before quietly poking my head around the corner, walk into the room with my head hung down shamefully then apologize and admit I was wrong, while also admitting I should never speak to my parents like that, while all along still fiddling with my hands, hair or twirling my foot on the floor. Also if they stay mad, I can just pull my charm on them or as a last resort act more childish in a jokingly way and climb in their lap while whining about how sorry I am. I’m just explaining my total behavior during those moments.

Now, I know there is no body else just like me, so all of those things may not work for a certain person but perhaps some people may just need to find their own personal best and healthiest way to deal with it because being mad and stressed is just so unhealthy. I hope this may help at least one person change their perspective a bit.

Where was I even going with this blog again? Forgive me, I just came up with it at the top of my head, hence why it isn’t so nicely written.

Oh well. I’m off to take a shower. Thanks for reading anyway!


2 thoughts on “No catchy title here.

  1. I enjoyed your post. And just thinking out loud a bit:

    Your take on the situation is very logical and well-reasoned. But of course, relationships rarely proceed logically. Perhaps one reason for that, is that people find logical behavior to be boring, it’s predictable, so we tend to pair up with someone that challenges us. But you’d counter with: a passionate exchange is very predictable as well. Yes, to a dispassionate outside observer it’s obvious what will happen, but to those lost in the heat of passion, their logical mind shuts down and they can’t predict the obvious outcome.

    So while it’s true that you can approach a relationship more logically, it tends to take a lot more mental training to control your emotions when your partner stirs them up. Realize, if you’re in a relationship with someone, you’re exposed and very vulnerable, so your ability to control your emotions gets tested more than ever.

    So although what you’re saying is logically sound and should work out in the long run, you might find that it’s much harder to implement in practice. So I suppose I’m just trying to warn you, in case you don’t realize this already. But other than the difficulty, I agree with what you’ve said.

    • I know. That’s why I mentioned I will even sometimes snap back, because for those few moments I lose my logical perspective, I may say something I do not really mean or simply say things I shouldn’t. But I mean, I can admit I was in the wrong and can apologize first.
      Yes, I do imagine that when a person is madly in love, emotions and passion come before logic and understanding and it’s something that needs to be practiced and worked on a lot. Although, I see myself as logical, I like to be spontaneous every so often too, so it’s a bit more exciting. Perhaps, something silly, like coloring a picture to say sorry or writing a little note about how I’m sorry or was wrong. Just any little project I can think of.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. (:

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