I’ll be back.

I thought I’d leave a quick post before I leave today. My sister is so lonely and bored she was begging me to stay with her for a whole week.. I can’t say no to her, so I’ll be heading off in about a few hours. I also will get to meet my little brother today. I’m excited and nervous. I hope I’m not awkward. Or if I could even say to him that I love him. Of course I love him, but not sure how to say that to someone I’ve never met.

But anyway, I doubt I will be able to stay more than a few days before I start crying for my mama. But this will be good for me. I’ll have a chance to work on my awkwardness a bit more because of course my sister or brother-in-law may have friends over. But I’ll work on my writer’s block, which I still have, and write a bunch of stuff of a little of everything then maybe once I’m home, I can get back to other topics instead of personal blogs.

Anyway, good day and thank you for reading.


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