Where do I begin?!

Hah, I have no clue so I’ll just share a bunch of things!

Forgive me as I have not been able to come online for a bit. I just came home the other day after spending 4 days at my sister’s new apartment to help her move. Which was awful, by the way. I loved helping her and being useful but I got so homesick and missed my mama, daddy and doggy so much. I was away from home 3 more days than my usual comfort zone! I felt so horrible because she didn’t want me to leave, it was fun being there, but it didn’t numb my sorrows from being away from mama.

I also almost came home with a turtle. I found one outside after mama came to pick me up, it wasn’t afraid so I picked it up and even in my excitement, I was able to make eye contact with a family getting in their car and show them the turtle, I didn’t say anything, besides from talking to the turtle. But I carried it off the road into the grass and trees and set it free.

Also, before my sister moved, her and her husband, Matt, thought it would be a hoot to take me fishing. Oh, joy.

I hate it because I feel like I’m hurting the adorable fish and killing worms. But they insisted, so I went. I am a klutz, may I add, so it was awful. I managed to get a hook in my finger, slip on a rock. My line got stuck in a tree…. Twice. I had to climb the tree up about 12 feet but the line broke so at this moment I’m covered in poison ivy from climbing that tree. I also didn’t catch a fish. But I am laughing about my dumb self for not noticing the poison ivy on the tree. I’m so itchy and I have awful looking little red bumps on my arms. OH, and I got stung by a sweat bee. I forgot about that. Oh, and also the sunburn for forgetting sun block. ALL OF THAT, just one day of fishing. I don’t think I should leave the house without a helmet.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share why I haven’t been posting anything but I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on, so I will probably share more of what I’ve been up to. But I’m going to the hospital later, a family member has been given only 3 weeks to live with cancer riddled through out her brain, bones, breast and lymph nodes. So again, forgive me if I’m not back online for a little bit longer.


2 thoughts on “Where do I begin?!

  1. Oh honey, I’m so sorry about your family member! I’m sorry about all you went through while fishing, too, but you always have a good perspective on those things and you can laugh about them later.
    I’ve missed you on here, but life always pulls us away from time to time.
    I’m so sorry I haven’t kept up with emailing. I can’t seem to access your email on my phone and I don’t have internet at home. I’ll be in touch via email as soon as possible.
    I’ll keep you in my thoughts, and your family member who’s in the hospital. Best wishes, hon.

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