Ishtar the Morning Star.

He was so beautiful.

But she simply was not.

Looking into the night sky,

she pleads with the sudden thought.

“Oh, Morning Star, how I can no longer love him from afar.

Oh, Morning Star, shine and paint beauty upon this visage of mine.

Oh, Morning star, cast a warm light and take away the disfiguration without a trace.

Oh, Morning Star, bless me with your beauty and erase the horror of my frightening face.”

The star began to speak,

although not with the answer she seeks.

“My dear, be happy with who you are,

you are beautiful inside.

No need to make such a wish upon this star.”

“Oh, Morning Star, I really must persist.

For, unless I have beauty,

he’ll never know I exist.

“Then it isn’t meant to be,

love is what you feel,

not what you can see.

You must understand you are beautiful as you are.

You must understand, even with beauty you two will not go far.”

“But beautiful is one thing I am not.

Maybe without eyes, he can still love me.”

She replied without thought.

The Morning Star gives in to her contention,

she will never understand that this will never win his attention.

“Is that the wish you wish tonight?

You love this man,

yet you long to take away his sight?

Such a selfish wish, but I will grant it to you.

But I must forewarn

that you really think this through.

For, the price is very high,

not even a second wish

could ever return his sight.”

Hesitant, though she does agree.

The wish is granted,

now the man can no longer see.

Though she bid his sacrifice,

she can only hope that her love can suffice.

The ugly girl goes to find him the very next day,

she wants to tell him everything,

though she doesn’t know what to say.

There he is, the sight of him makes her heart scream.

He looked so at peace, perhaps last night was only but a dream.

She approaches him with fear,

her heart thumps louder and faster as she gets near.

She knows what to say but doesn’t know where to begin,

so she starts to speak with love as her defend.

“I’ve loved you from afar, I’ve loved you for so long.

Even your voice rings in my ears like a delicate song.

You’re everything I could want

and a passion I cannot resist.

I would risk everything for just one kiss.

I know you are blind

but I’m so in love with you,

I want you to be mine.”

He begins to cry from the eyes he could just yesterday see through.

Her words, so pure and full of love,

he knew they must be true.

He looks up as if he could see and then replies,

“your words are so beautiful,

I know they cannot be lies.

Those words are filled with kindness and beauty, I know they must be true.

Those beautiful words simply made me fall in love with you.

I am willing to spend with you, my entire life.

But my dear,

my handicap will only bring you strife.

You even love me despite the case,

but oh,

how I wish I could see your face.”

She looks down towards the ground.

The overwhelming guilt,

she cannot hold back a frown.

“No, you do not wish to see me,

I am far too frightening.

And you,

you whose love and passion is far too enlightening.

It’s better off this way,

my face would only frighten you away.”

The beautiful man looks up as if to look at her.

Eyes staring into the void,

he hardly choked out the whisper.

“Seeing with the heart, where life beats.

through every downfall and tragedy, true love will defeat.

And to see with the heart, where the true love lies,

instead of my heart, I’ve only searched for love with my eyes.

Even now, I feel love’s strong embrace,

I’d give up anything just to see your face.

I feel more love than I’ve ever known,

and I’ll love you no matter what.

I’ll never let you be alone.”

With a sigh in defeat, she believes his words are true

and now she knows what she must do.

She was in love with a man that she wished blind.

She had to make her own sacrifice, but she really didn’t mind.

She gave her eyes to him,

the only way to return his sight.

He opened his eyes

and he left her that night.


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