Dimensions and other odd things.

Ever heard of The Superstring Theory? Subatomic physics that all matter, including human beings, exist in ten dimensions, and that all matter and energy is able to communicate at subatomic levels. Here’s the best example that was just given to me by someone who quoted this from her favorite film.

“It’s like there’s this whole telepathic thing going on that we’re all a part of, whether we’re conscious of it or not. That would explain why there are all these seemingly spontaneous worldwide innovative leaps in science and the arts, you know, like the same results popping up everywhere independent of each other. Some guy on a computer figures something out, and then almost simultaneously a bunch of other people all over the world figure out the same thing. They did this study where they isolated a group of people over time, you know, and monitored their abilities at crossword puzzles in relation to the general population, and they secretly gave them a day-old crossword, one that had already been answered by thousands of other people, and their scores went up dramatically. Like 20%. So it’s like once the answers are out there, people can pick up on them. Like we’re all telepathically sharing our experiences.”

Thanks to her leaving this comment in another one of my blogs, it gave me the idea for this one so she deserves the credit for this and I thank her for it. I have studied this for only a short time now but I can relate to that. As a young child, sitting in back of the car, I recall thinking that life is like a giant tower, sending signals of newly discovered objects, theories, thoughts and such around worldwide. Now, granted, I was still too small to even see out the window so that isn’t exactly what I thought, it was more simple, just basically the image popped in my head out of nowhere, seeing a giant tower that sent its signals to random people causing random knowledge.

I cannot remember why I thought that, but I still think that to this day. But there are a lot of examples out there. Ever entered a room after a heated argument just took place, and noticed you could cut the tension in the air with a knife? Or how twins can often know what the other is thinking or finish each other’s sentences? Or ever knew the phone was about to ring before anyone even called or knew who was calling before you answered?

I can somewhat relate to these situations. For some odd reason on a regular basis, I can recall a television show and a specific episode that just so happens to air that same day or I can always tell when something is wrong with my dad. Just like tonight, I knew something was wrong and a few minutes later, he had a seizure. He gets them while he feels really cold. I am not sure what causes them but I’d like to get him to the doctor. Anyway, he is doing okay now, I gave him his medication and making sure he’s not having another stroke or anything.

But this could also explain some ESP phenomena. It would make sense to me, that there are many parallel worlds and many other dimensions that are connected that are taken place during the present, past and future and that the energy and matter, perhaps even black matter travels through breaching beyond our limits and giving us thoughts and answers that may not even be our own.

Or maybe I’m just going a little loca in the coco and it’s time I wear a straight jacket so I can hug myself. But thank you for reading.


One thought on “Dimensions and other odd things.

  1. It is so funny that you posted this. Your last post inspired the same line of thinking in me, and I began a blog much like this one (a little different) and even credited you for the inspiration. Haha. I didn’t finish the blog, though, because I had to be somewhere. I’ll go ahead and finish and post it, but it really is going to express some of the same ideas! I have to wonder who gets the credit now since we both inspired the same ideas in each other. Hehe.

    I’m so sorry your dad had a seizure. I’m glad he’s okay now. I can only imagine how upsetting it must be to have that happening. My father had seizures and medical problems, but I was much younger and it is different when you’re a child.

    Haha if you belong in a straight jacket, I must belong in one, too. ;)

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And I’m glad I could inspire your post with my quote from Waking Life. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. I think you would like it. I can even send you a link to the full film on YouTube if you want. :)

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