There’s a weird little girl

in an odd little town.

She lives in a strange little world

where not a single tear falls down.

Long brown hair and hazel eyes

she has a creepy little face.

But she’s happy here,

in this perfect little place.

In the sky above,

swirls of pink and blue.

A happy world

to always learn something new.

The sweet air is fresh

from the flowers always in bloom

and every night is greeted

by a giant blue moon.

Every star in the sky

and music by the sound of laughter.

There’s no sadness here

but always a happy ever after.

Animals prance about in joy

while the birds sing their songs.

This is a perfect place

where every smile belongs.

Sunny days,

colors cover the ground like a giant quilt.

So much beauty,

so many flowers that never wilt.

Unicorns and candy mountains

and a giant bright rainbow.

It’s colors so gorgeous,

as it gazes at me below.

But I snap out of it

only to be in my bed.

But who needs real life,

when I can live in my head?


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