Just thinking.

Ever play The Sims? A simulation of the everyday life of a person as a Sim. -It isn’t so different from reality, really. Life is no video game though. There is no pause, no restarts, no extra lives when you die. All of humanity and the universe for that matter, are made of neurons, protons, matter, black matter, etc. But beyond all of those, there are still pixels. Tiny little pixels just like your computer screen and The Sims.

So, are we really so different from The Sims? Maybe we’re not controlled by some “nerd” sitting at home in front of his T.V or maybe we don’t walk outside in our underwear like Sims tend to do but the game is a simulation of life. Sims need to eat, can fall in love and even have children. Isn’t that basically what human kind does?

How are we to know that our lives aren’t planned ahead that someone isn’t pressing a bunch of buttons that tells us what to do and we’re just watching it unravel like a joy ride? What if our paths are chosen for us? But we can all choose what we can do, I could have gone out for a walk, yet I chose to be at the computer and write this. Why? I’m not sure, I just wanted to. I do not worry about how many people view or “Like” what I write, so why not just write in my diary? Again, I don’t know, I just feel the need to share my thoughts, even if no one cares. Although if something I wrote helps a person in the slightest way or kept a person interested enough to read the whole thing, that feels nice. It’s reassuring that someone has cared enough to read what I write about while I’m off spinning around in my chair with unkept, curly dark hair and wearing my pjs or trying to stand on my head.

It’s hard to tell what is my own. All of my perspective and thoughts are based off of something else that has enlightened me. I said life is like a video game, but I would have never of thought this if I hadn’t heard another man say that the world was made up of pixels. We want to be different from everyone else, yet we also strive to be “normal”. What is normal? Not being an outcast, not having any major illness, having to dress a certain way so society doesn’t call us sluts or devil worshipers?

We wear clothes that other people have bought, listen to music that someone else likes, has a favorite food that is another person’s favorite and so on, we take these things and make them our own, and say that’s what makes us different. Well, it does make us different, I like the band Man Man but there’s people that may not enjoy them, my diet is 80% fruit but there are people who hate fruit. We’re all the same, we all like certain things, dislike others, we must eat to live, we have the urge to be loved and seek purpose. But that’s what makes life great, if we were all the same to the deepest detail, life would be boring, but if we were all so different life would be too complex. So we are just right. There’s no two people exactly the same and if all of our biology was so different, well, life could be pretty hectic.

Perhaps so many people are too inexorable or cynical to even think such things. But there are right and wrong answers. probably not by the standards of the universe, but through the eyes of society and science. If I said blue was the best color, who would be there to say I’m right or wrong? -those who love blue may agree others that like other colors will disagree. Who is right and who is wrong? But if I said the world was flat, everyone will say I’m wrong.

I cannot be sure if there is someone or something out there controlling me like people do to sims, but I know I am aware. Aware of my thoughts, emotions, actions and basic human needs. And I am just A-okay with that.


2 thoughts on “Just thinking.

  1. Maybe I “do” walk outside in my underwear like the sims…. Hehe okay, so I’m not really all that funny.

    I really enjoy your thoughts. We have that in common, you know. I often sit here wondering things just like this, just like other thoughts you’ve expressed on here. Maybe we’re “not normal” because we do this. Or maybe those who don’t do this are “not normal.”

    I think normalcy is merely a construct of societal regularities, ergo it can be completely different in a different society on the other side of the world. Actually, I didn’t think that. My girlfriend did. But I mostly agree.

    I don’t think there are any truly original thoughts or ideas- someone has thought that before, too. I think on some almost “paranormal” level we all share a sort of “cosmic consciousness.” Have you ever seen the film “Waking Life?” There’s a scene in the film that talks about this a little. This below is dialogue from the scene:

    “It’s like there’s this whole telepathic thing going on that we’re all a part of, whether we’re conscious of it or not. That would explain why there are all these seemingly spontaneous worldwide innovative leaps in science and the arts, you know, like the same results popping up everywhere independent of each other. Some guy on a computer figures something out, and then almost simultaneously a bunch of other people all over the world figure out the same thing. They did this study where they isolated a group of people over time, you know, and monitored their abilities at crossword puzzles in relation to the general population, and they secretly gave them a day-old crossword, one that had already been answered by thousands of other people, and their scores went up dramatically. Like 20%. So it’s like once the answers are out there, people can pick up on them. Like we’re all telepathically sharing our experiences.”

    Now your thoughts have inspired similar thoughts in me, and clearly reminded me of “Waking Life”- my favorite film. I wonder if I have enough time now to blog out some of my own thoughts inspired by others, making them pretty much unoriginal… ;)

    • Thanks you so much. (: I really don’t believe in normal, really, because there is no real way to define “normal”. No I have never seen that movie but I will look it up and try to watch it sometime. That gave me a great idea for a post I wanted to do but couldn’t find the right words so thank you ever so much. I owe it to you. ^^

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