Perhaps just a tiny bit morbid of a poem.

Here’s the story

of a lovely lady.

That was beat up by her mother,

until she went completely crazy.

People from all around,

knew her face.

Riddled with contusions,

all of the shame she couldn’t erase.

She slipped into delusions,

trauma was like a cage.

Cramping into not enough space,

until she couldn’t hold back the rage.

Later her mother

came up to abuse her more.

Came to push her around

and slammed her against the door.

Her anger exploded,

her mother saw those dark eyes flare.

She held back the throws,

not a single punch did she dare.

‘You took my sanity,

your abuse has taken its toll.

All the beatings,

broke the light inside my soul.’

‘I don’t deserve this,

my life isn’t yours to claim.

Now I’ll show what’s it’s like

to know everlasting shame.’

‘This is what happens

when a mind is lost.

I’ll make you regret this,

no matter what the cost.’

She hacked her up

with a very large knife.

She held her tongue

as she ended her life.

With a thud,

she fell to the floor.

The sadistic mother

was suddenly no more.

The overwhelming burden

she couldn’t maintain.

Suddenly infused with

this joy she cannot contain.

So she dressed up

and threw a big party.

And chopped her mother up

for bloody corpse confetti.

The town learned

of her horrific deed.

All panicked and decided

that death be the certain need.

They gathered up and

hunted her down.

They set her aflame

then buried her in the ground.

The story passed along towns,

and people saw her fame.

they learned her story

and what she has became.

But she wasn’t at rest,

she would bring upon her wrath.

watching over parents,

murdering abusers in her path.

Her spirit wandered,

hacking up all of the vile.

Fear set in causing

them all to change their life style.

Now she helps all of the children

that need to cover up their scars.

And every parent, remembers the story

that will forever make them keep up their guard.


6 thoughts on “Perhaps just a tiny bit morbid of a poem.

  1. Have you read “The Parent Killer”? Your poem is different from the book, but still brought it to mind as the book is about a man who kills abused children’s parents.

    Abuse in childhood can completely ruin a person. I’m glad you haven’t been ruined by all that you’ve endured. I’m so sorry that you’ve endured so much, though.

    • Thank you lol. But no, I’ve never heard of it, or maybe I have and subconsciously that was stuck in my head because the poem just came to me this morning and I wrote it in about ten minutes. xD

      • Oh I hope you know I wasn’t implying that your poem was unoriginal or taken from someone else’s idea. It just reminded me of the book and I thought I’d mention it to you in case you wanted to read it if you hadn’t already. As with any book about murder, it’s a bit morbid, but it’s also pretty good. It’s not just all about murder, it’s about emotions and a sort of “bad guy hero.”

      • Oh, nonono, I never thought that. In fact I get most of my ideas from other stories, music, etc. Hardly ever does my own idea come forward. But that sounds like a great book! I’ll really have to look it up, I enjoy the morbid. xD Thank you for your thoughts!

      • Okay, that’s good! Yeah I get my ideas from those things, too. :) Haha sometimes I wonder if I’m even capable of producing a creative “original” idea at all.

        You’re welcome! :)

  2. You spent ten minutes and brought forth horror,in color,with blood dripping and guts spilling out.
    Parents….Most don’t even know their own children.
    Working with youth,I hear stories and when I visit their house,I witness where money replaced love and attention with toys and video games.

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