Life is strange. So many odd things occur with no reasonable explanation. The paranormal and super-natural stories, people claim to be psychic, all of these strange things so many people fear to openly speak of. It’s quite interesting. The human brain is an odd organ, indeed. So many things unknown about ourselves yet we strive to enter technology rather than poke around inside our own brains.

Just because something isn’t necessarily logical doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Assuming that it is, is about as logical as unlogical. (See what I did there?)

People claim to have an open mind, yet giggle and chuckle when someone utters the words “fairies” or “UFOs”. Or roll their eyes when a person claims to speak to the dead or can read minds. In a universe as strange as ours why is something as such so commonly refered to as eccentric? I’ve read many books on these subjects, I believe that it is possible. Therefore, if it’s possible, I believe that it may exist. Do I truly believe in pukwedgies or magic with all my heart and soul? -No, but I would not be shocked if I happen to ever experience or witness it.

It is human nature to long for a reason of our somewhat petty existence on how it has come to be and why. People look at science for answers, but since science cannot answer everything, people turn to religion. Is it hard for me to have an open mind for a God or creator? No, but the day I die and find out, would it matter so much? Living a life in constant fear of sinning and punishment, having a God(s) watching every move I make and listening to every one of my thoughts. It doesn’t matter, I’ll live my life and not dwell on that, I’ll be the best person I can be and whatever sins I commit as a sinner are well deserved for punishment. Or when I die and there is no God, what will it matter then either? -I’ll be dead, I won’t really care too much of what’s around me. But looking at everything in this world, it is hard to imagine everything in this strange place without some higher power watching over it. But then again, there could be some other super-natural cause, also.

I find it strange to go through my memories and think about what triggers my brain to do that or to tell my body to move and not know what causes it. I do not mean neural impulses or the primary motor cortex, I mean what exactly triggers the urge to move. Even as I type, I am not sure how my brain is urging my fingers to move or my eyes reading everything as I go. What is it that exactly compels me to move to just simply brush my teeth or something as complex as playing my guitar?

We are all so different yet the same. We have a beating heart, thoughts, just a bunch of piles of flesh and smelly organs that are in motion constantly to just keep us alive. Yet, we’re all so diverse, what forms our opinions and makes us favor something? Could it be something so strange that a one person likes the color red and another likes green, but they’re both seeing  the same color just their brains register them as different colors the other cannot see the same way? How absurd, two people seeing the same color but see them as a different. Maybe what I really see is orange when I’m looking at something yellow or purple when I’m looking at pink yet we go by the names of the colors we were taught.

Or perhaps my insomnia is making me delusional and I’m blabbering about things that most people will think I’m stoned on something for writting of.

In a world so full of wonder and unanswered questions, why is it so hard for people to open their minds up and think “hey, maybe, just maybe magic really does exist or this person has a gift to see into the future”.

Anyway, I’m off to meditate and rest before I pass out while playing video games.. (Again.)


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