I miss my cousin.

I’m kinda sad. I miss my younger cousin, Kaitlyn. I’ve never come across a child that was such a handful but gosh, that’s what makes it kinda fun. She kept getting me frustrated, but looking back, I can only laugh. I don’t care if she’s a bit of a brat, she’s too cute. She did manage to pick all the flowers off my plants and break most of my crayons, but she did at least say she was sorry, so I’m proud that she still has some manners.

Although, she did answer the phone and manage to tell my other cousin, whom she has never met, that she sounds like a boy. I couldn’t help but laugh so hard, even though I shouldn’t of have. Though, on the phone, she always says I sound like a kid, which I do, so her sometimes unflattering honesty is cute, in a way.

As for the craving of constant attention, I cannot blame her either, she has 3 brothers that are just as rotten as she is, so being the only girl must be tough on her. But that’s why she loves having me come over to play with her. I just love playing with kids, it’s too fun. Especially when I can tickle them till there’s tears in their eyes, but it isn’t much fun when they realize I’m just as ticklish as they are.

All in all, it was fun. And having this place so silent now is a bit boring, so I cleaned the whole kitchen and finished getting my room looking back to normal since Kaitlyn destroyed it. I was going to post something more interesting but since she’s on my mind, it was hard to get my words straight.

But I’m sure I’ll put something worth reading up tomorrow, maybe.


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