My last few days.

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything. Just letting people know, I’m not out of ideas, just had my younger cousin over for a bit.

I taught her a new game called “Shhh” about who can be quiet the longest. I can’t believe she fell for it. I watch kids all the time, it’s not hard and it’s fun, being the care-giver. But to her… It’s awful. It’s not that she’s ADHD and not on medication, it’s the fact, there’s no rules set by her parents and I cannot get her to listen.

“Kaitlyn, I’m sorry, but my guitars aren’t toys, you cannot play with them.”

“No. They’re mine, I said so.” *strums the strings*

“I’ll teach you play when you’re a bit older, but I don’t want them to break.”

“Kaitlyn, you can’t go outside without me and I need to clean.”

“No, I want to play outside.” *walks out the front door*

“If you go into that street young lady, I’m going to kick your butt and I will not play with you the rest of the day.”


“Because you don’t listen, and stop throwing rocks at the neighbor’s dog!”

“Wake up, Sarah, it’s 8:00 (am) I want on the computer.”

“You’re not allowed on our computer.”

“Yes, I am.” *turns on computer*

“Kaitlyn Mae, if you do not listen to me, I’m taking you home right now.”

“Why don’t you go color quietly, Kaitlyn?”

“No, I want you to color with me.”

“You know as soon as I color with you, and you dump all of my crayons all over, you are going to want to do something else.”

“Noooo. *whines* I want you to color with meeeee.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

*colors for 5 minutes*

“I want to watch tv.”

“Fine but you need to eat something, what do you want?”


“c’mon, you’re going to eat, you’re not eating junk food all day.”

*grabs oreos* “I’ll eat these!”

“No. You are not eating junk food.”

*takes away oreos*

“Now, how about I make you a peanut butter sandwich with a banana?”

“Okay! I wanna help!”

*I set her down to eat*

*takes a few bites*

“I changed my mind, I don’t want this.”

*stern voice* “Kaitlyn, you are going to eat that or you’re not eating anything, understand me?”

“Fine. I’ll just eat my mints.”

“Kaitlyn, go pee before you go to bed and brush your teeth.”

“No, daddy lets me wear pull-ups so I don’t wet the bed.”

“No. You are 6 years old, you shouldn’t be wearing ANY pull-ups, act like a big girl and put on your underwear and I’ll get your bed ready.”


It’s been nothing but that, at least after a few days with me, she goes home a lot calmer and listens to her parents more. I may not agree with how they raise their kids, but I’m not the parent so there’s nothing I can do. I personally would slap her mouth for back-talking, not to mention, her awful behavior towards grabbing breasts and had her fully potty trained by the age of 3 and not let her eat snacks the way she does. But anyway, I’ll post more interesting things later, more-or-less just kinda complaining about how my last few days have been like.

Golly, the silence here right now is just too surreal…


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