Yet another poem.


There it is again.

Tick tock.

It’s my old friend,

the most delightful clock.

Reminding me of

every second, minute and hour.

Oh, how it has lasted so long,

as it never seems to lose power.

Tick tock.

Such a reassuring sound,

reminding me of the laws

of physics which are infinitely bound.


Such an illusionary factor.

small images flashing in front of my eyes,

it only exists merely as a life extractor.

I watch as the particles of the universe

flash around me,

though I never have no move

as the world moves around me.

Tick tock.

Such an insightful object.

breaching the walls that are solid mass,

never going back but always reflect.

The theory of time.

Such a foolish thought.

time is nothing but a movie,

yet we all believe what we are taught.

Tick tock.

the images that push through.

It is not time that makes things change,

it is the world that moves around you.

Showing an equation that doesn’t exist,

it is my dear friend, the clock.

Such a useless yet meaningful friend,

reminding me of every tick and tock.


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