A thing people normally ask me.

This is yet another personal blog on a perspective of mine, people I meet normally ask why I think the way I do on this subject so it’s merely an opinion of mine so when anyone asks, I’ll point to this blog here.

I’m sexist.

I was not raised to be this way towards women, nor do I ever belittle women because I’m sexist. Looking around at the ladies today, I can see why in some of the middle east, they have to be covered up at all times. Now, do not get me wrong, some of the treatment of women there is very wrong like if a women is raped, she’ll get lashes, because it’s her own fault for being raped. But I recently seen a girl who couldn’t have been more than 16 with a skirt that showed her butt as she walked and a shirt that hardly covered her belly button. Now, a parent can only do so much for setting a good example before the child will do what they do but this was a bit disturbing. I believe in modesty, I do not like showing a lot of my skin while in public, I try to avoid as much attention as I can, unless my mama forces me to wear a dress. But as long as the dress covers my knees, I can handle it.

I also believe the woman should do all the cooking and cleaning. It only seems fair if the man has to go out and work to earn money for food, then it’s fair that the woman cooks it. It isn’t hard, and it can be very fun! I love it if I can listen to my music while I clean and throw in a few awful dance moves while I do the dishes or fold clothes.

I would personally like the manly man, maybe facial hair and fairly large, and to me, seeing a man dusting or sweeping isn’t very manly, although, if he’s just being nice and doing it, I would be ever so grateful but I would prefer to be the one doing it.

As for, the old timey things, like voting, I will not lie, politics go right over my head. I’m not the best judge of character because I trust until given a reason not to, and trying to vote between a bunch of people who promise the good, I just cannot choose. I know, I probably should try to better understand politics for my country and such but to be honest, I’m not too proud of my country, America, for a few reasons. But I still love my country, it would be wrong not to.

Another thing, hitting a woman. A woman should never be hit by a man, because physically, it’s completely unfair.

Although, if the woman hits the man, I think a man can only take so much before he hits back, so the woman would be asking for it, and deserves it, in my perspective.

I believe if a woman wants a career if she does not already have one, it has to be approved be the man in her life. I do want a career to help out with bills and have my own money but I’ll be just fine if I had a man who said no. I’m okay with that, more time to spend playing Xbox in my mind.

Although, I’m sexist, I still want some respect, I do not want to be yelled at for simple things like if dinner is a bit late or I forgot to iron work clothes. Nor do I ever want to be told what to do if it’s something that’s too much to ask for, but if I am able to do it, I will do it.

But as I said, I do not tell other women to do this, I know many that will more than likely disagree with what I believe, and that is fine, it’s okay to. But as I would not “troll” or “hate” on another persons thoughts, I’d like the same respect and not throwing any hateful or angry comments at me for this blog. I do not intend to offend anyone, so politely ignore this and enjoy the rest of your day.


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