Just another poem.


The most beautiful girl of all.

Just a look from her will make any man fall.

Long black curls and eyes of perfection.

Every man tries to win her

through love and affection.

To win her desired love, one man tries more than any other.

She goes through the men, one after another.

He would give anything to fulfill her every wish and whim.

Yet she walks by and doesn’t even notice him.

Not one is good enough for her.

He could never be the one she would prefer.

She only chooses the very best.

She has her way then moves on to the next.

Her rejection would make him fall apart.

For, she is more beautiful than any fine art.

The aristocrat of lust,

she’s a monster in a mask,

a beauty they shouldn’t trust.

He’ll try again and again even after the fall and reassemble,

Yet a simple walk past her makes him tremble.

She’s a beauty no one could miss.

But he’s just a nobody she would never know exists.

Of those she will pick out she will gaze into the soul,

That special look makes the men beyond control.

They gravel at her feet.

But they’re not good enough for the girl of elite.

His passion burns like fire and she is as cold as ice,

loving her comes with a devastating price.

But fire and ice cannot be bound,

when she is the one everyone else revolves around.

Melting, he is aflame and burning in the fire,

but he’ll do anything for the woman of desire.

She is a demon in disguise,

any man she chooses will soon meet his demise.

She makes the judgement and finally approaches him.

While his excitement is overwhelming, her face lay grim.

He feels so small and insignificant in her shadow beneath.

But she is so pleased that the last thing he saw were rows of sharp teeth.


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