I guess, I’m not really sure.

I am aware of how some girls just seem to hate other girls. Why? -I have no idea. Of course, there are the stuck-up girls that talk about other girls and it may make them less than pleasant but I won’t sink to the level. The way I see it, if I talk down about them on how they’re judgmental or rude, that makes me look as foolish as they do.

It’s just I do not understand it. Now, I do dislike that young ladies do that, but I don’t know their reason. Maybe they do it because subconsciously they know they’re not getting attention at home. Or they call other girls ugly because they feel bad about themselves. So maybe those reasons may not be very good reasons but to them, that’s how they deal with it. Even if it’s the wrong way to deal with it.

I’ve been picked on by other girls, I’m not even sure why. Last time it happened, I was at the store  and they poked fun at me and one pretty much shoved me out of line at the store. Being the person I am, I avoid all confrontation and excused myself quietly to the back of the line to hide behind my dad. I’ve had girls I do not even know throw things at me when they drove by and call me rude names.

Again, being the person I am, that just makes me cry to myself and find comfort in the things I love, like music and animals. I can’t lie, I’m sensitive and it doesn’t take much from a stranger to get me crying.

Another thing, girls these days don’t seem to have self-respect or modesty. I know skirts are really cute but when it’s just low enough to cover your butt or you have a thong sticking out, it just kinda asks for trouble in my opinion. I mean, I think a rapist may target a lady dressed more like that opposed to one wearing a T-shirt and jeans. But maybe I’m wrong.

I mean, if ladies like to wear that stuff then go for it. I’m not saying it’s wrong. Even I wear things that may be a bit too less. Like shorts and a tank. Don’t even get me started on bikinis either. It’s just like underwear, and I wouldn’t walk around in underwear in public so no bikinis for me.

As for self-respect, I mean the way young ladies sleep around. I am not saying, it’s bad, to wait for marriage. But unless you are really in love, why would any lady give herself up so easily. The female sex organs are only meant to handle ONE ph level from a male and sleeping around can make a lady prone to cancer. That is what happened to my aunt, and she slept around like she lived in a bed and it almost cost her  life and she will never be able to have children.

I’m really not sure where I’m going with this blog, but it seems young ladies don’t really seem to act like young ladies much these days.

Especially in relationships, as I have personally seen first-hand. The way some women treat a man is unfair. If they tell him what to do all the time or nag about how he wants to see his friends or play PS3 or Xbox. A relationship takes two people, if a man doesn’t care if you spend an hour in a shoe shop or you see your friends why can’t a man play some video games or go to a bar with his friends. ?

Maybe I’m just weird.

Well anyway, I’m off to clean dad’s newest gun then tend to my plants and play guitar.

Good day!


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