Growing up sucks.

I refuse to grow up. That simple.

I like my room looking like a toy store. I’ll never get tired of legos and Toys R Us.

I don’t want to face the world without the comfort of my parents.

I want a job, but my boss or rude people always make me cry.

Dating and relationships are too intimidating.

The thought of taking care of myself alone is too frightening.

I want to be a adult but I’m not wise enough nor brave enough.

Maybe if my parents want me to learn how to swim, they better throw me in the pool. Otherwise, I fear I may never take the leap to be on my own. If anyone reading this has any advice, please feel free to share it.


7 thoughts on “Growing up sucks.

  1. It sounds like you’re upset because you think you’re not “normal”, i.e. you don’t have a job, relationship, or achieved “adulthood”. But if you stop chasing after “normal”, perhaps you’ll be happier. In other words: if you go after the things you enjoy, instead of going after things you don’t enjoy, life tends to be more enjoyable.

    Who said life has to follow a particular pattern? I’d recommend just doing what you enjoy, and letting things work out naturally at their own pace.

    • No, not really that. I just know I can’t be here forever. If I don’t learn to handle my own life, I’ll be all alone and confused after they die. I don’t need any relationship or job to be happy. I’m content with my animals and guitars. But that is still great advice, thank you!

      • I’ve been in a similar situation to yours and I’m not even completely out of it. I still depend somewhat on my mother. But that’s typical, parents tend to live pretty long, long enough to be around for grand-children. So realistically, you’ll probably need your parent’s help for many years to come, which is fine, that’s what family is for.

        It’s not likely that you’ll ever need to handle life on your own. For instance, just posting a blog receives attention from people around the world.

        But my main point is this: it’s not worth worrying over. No one’s saying you should live with your parents forever, but sometimes it’s better if you take things at your own pace and leave when you’re ready. That’s what I did.

        One last thing: for all you know, you’ll spend the next couple years playing guitar and posting videos on YouTube where you’ll meet people that want to collaborate and such. We can’t predict what’s going to happen, so if you leave, it might be good or if you stay it might be good, the bottom line is that it’s fruitless to worry about it.

      • I am biologically their granddaughter and they’re in mid 60’s and not so healthy. But you’re right, worrying about it won’t help. I’ll just take baby steps till I reach my next goal. Thank you, that was all very helpful. (:

  2. You know, I had a feeling that they might be somewhat older than average, but on the other hand, people can go at anytime, no matter what their age. I used to worry about my parents dying too, and what would happen to me, since I wasn’t able to deal with the outside world.

    And sorry to comment so much, but some of things I saw in your blog seemed familiar and I thought I could help a little since I already had to deal with some of it.

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