When life seems to fall apart.

It happens to everyone. Going through those bad times in life when one bad thing happens right after another. It’s happened to me and I bet it’s happened to you. I haven’t walked in any other person’s shoes but my own, so the things I share in my blogs may or may not help, but I certainly hope they do. Maybe my positive outlook may not be able to cheer up another person.

An example is from a friend I had, that I only knew through the screen of my computer and webcam. Very nice and talkative, although generally unhappy. This was a friendship I messed up on my own part, but I won’t share it in this post. I tried all I could to tell him the positive side and he said that I made him happy. I made him happy, not my words. Nothing I said could get him to cheer up. All the lame jokes and happy thoughts got him to crack a smile, but only momentarily happiness that was immediately forgotten.

Although, he had depression and didn’t want to take medication. So, as a person with depression myself, going on antidepressants was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Because depression can really make you feel messed up in the head. I told him maybe he should try it, that I was upset when he was but I wasn’t going to tell him what to do, he is an adult. So that’s one piece of advice, if you think you have depression, please do something about it, don’t just suffer.

Sometimes depression can make you feel like you deserve to suffer, like you aren’t good enough for anything in the world and suffering is better, crying to the point where you get scabs on your face from wiping the tears. That is no way to live, that is not what we were meant for. We are meant to be happy in life. Even though everyone you know and love will die and you and I will too, constantly obsessing over it doesn’t make living life as much fun. So it’s true that you should live each day to the fullest. Sometimes, it’s best to not think about death, of course a person needs to be prepared for what will happen to your loved ones but thinking about it everyday just doesn’t seem healthy.

I find the best thing to do in life when I’m down is to smile! Not a fake smile to just mask the pain on your face, that won’t hide the suffering in your eyes. A real smile! Something that will bring utter joy to you! The song “Smile, smile, smile” from Pinkie Pie never fails for me. As long as I’m on my anti-depressant, I can take away my sadness and keep it away with that song. Or I look at kittens or puppies on YouTube, or even the adorably hilarious Fainting Goat video will make me laugh until I snort.

Stay positive, the bad times won’t last forever, and think of how great it will be when it’s all over.

Another great thing, if you’re a person of faith, pray. Pray often, studies show that a person with faith compared to a person that does not have faith are generally more happy. Rather a creator is real or it’s the power of suggestion, the positive effects it has on the brain are uncanny. Now now, please, no judging, I’m not preaching about religion, I keep my beliefs to myself.

Friends and family. I know some people don’t have either, but if you do, know it’s better to run to your friends and family rather than run away from your problems. A good friend, like a good family member will be there for you. Even I will be here for you if you need anyone to talk to, to just let things out. Sometimes, even a stranger to vent to is helpful, and I will gladly be that stranger if it will help cheer a person up.

Although a person cannot be helped unless they want to be helped. So if think you deserve to suffer if you have depression, please realize that you don’t deserve it, the only thing we deserve is pure happiness.

Otherwise, if you’re going through tough times, sometimes it makes you feel grateful if you think there are others that have it worse. You’ll be grateful but probably not so happy knowing others are having it worse. But since you can’t help everyone, sometimes it’s okay to be selfish and worry about your own happiness.

I learned that during my hard times, I spent so much time trying to cheer up other people who I hardly even knew that I didn’t take the time to care for my own happiness. (This was before I was on my medication.) Don’t get me wrong, I still love helping people, but sometimes you just need to take a little time for yourself and make yourself happy.

You never know what it takes to show a person the light, and remember help people the way you’d like others to help you. Being kind can bring on its own happiness.


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