Just thought I’d share one of older poems.


I can’t break the silence,

It’s breaking me.

The lights here are too bright,

and it’s hard to see.


I musn’t forget,

what was my name again?

How long have I been here?

The time doesn’t seem to end.



Everything is white.

The lights are hurting my eyes,

they’re too bright.


I don’t know why,

but I’m happy here.

Everything outside this box

seems so unclear.


Scribbled on the wall

is my written name.

I must go look,

to make sure it is still the same.


They said I’ll never leave,

who would want to?

Why be in what they called “outside”

when here, there is so much to do.


I can count the tiles

in the ceiling.

What could be better

than the joy I’m feeling?


How long have I been here?

These lights hurt my eyes.

I asked them to turn them down

but they ignore my cries.


Ah, they’re here again,

right on time.

It’s just another food tray,

but the food is far from sublime.


But I eat it anyway,

I’ll only forget what it tastes like soon enough.

Why spend time eating,

when I could be doing other stuff?


What was my name?

I must go look so I don’t forget.

My eyes are sore,

the room is too brightly lit.


I count every step I take

it’s my favorite game.

I play before I go back to the wall

to remember my name.


I hear footsteps outside my white door.

They are back again.

They come to give me pills

every now and then.


I don’t know what pills are

but I take them anyway.

They get very mad

if I don’t do what they say.


I’ll count the steps

while I go to check my name.

It’s not a very good name,

but it’s the one I claim.


The lights in here

are too bright.

I really should tell them

that’s it’s messing up my sight.


But they’ll only yell

and maybe confine me to my bed.

That isn’t much fun

because my name will escape my head.


The time

doesn’t seem to change.

But they say time moves along

though I’ve never seen anything so strange.


They said there’s

a world outside this white room.

It must be bigger walls like in here I’ll assume.


I must go to the wall again

to remember my name.

I’ll count the steps I take

then I’ll make sure it’s still the same.



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