More thoughts since I have the urge to write.

Just another personal blog.

Does anyone else wonder why? -if you wave your hand really fast in front of a tv or pc screen when it’s on makes your hand look all neat like your hand is pretending to be The Flash and it’s in a super fast speed. It’s amusing.

Anyway, I just cleaned the ceiling fan in the living room and about to sweep and scrub the kitchen floor. So I’ve been a bit productive all day. Job searching a bit too. Maybe thinking about picking up one of my guitars later since I haven’t played in a while. I’ve been wanting to figure out some more lead in Goatwhore or Brujeria. I also have Let Me Go, Lover by Dean Martin stuck in my head. I freakin’ love Dean. I would marry him.

Anyway… I’m in a bit of mourning since my African Violet is dying. I think I may have shocked him when I replanted him a few days ago. Of course then again, I had just watered Fluffy, (I name my plants) and mama comes in and dumps a cup of water in him so he may have been over-watered. I’ve given him extra care, Proper sun, shade, humidity and talking to him and playing classical music for Fluffy, but it hasn’t done much help. At least, my other African Violet, Cpt. Prettypedals has survived the replanting.

Anyway, I have some languages to catch up on and finish cleaning so good day, and sorry for the pointless blog.


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