Nothing inspirational, just random thoughts.

Sometimes, I strongly dislike living in Indiana, in middle of nowhere. Sure, I can look at all the adorable horses everywhere and such, but driving 15 miles to get to the closest store is a pain in the butt.

BUT. I was thinking, if zombies ever take over the world, all this flat land here is perfect. All the horses to ride when I can no longer drive, all the farm and crops and the lack of people makes it likely that there won’t be too many zombies around.

But Indiana still kinda sucks. Of course, when I did live in a big city and there was everything to do, I still just sat at home without any friends and played Xbox, guitar and did all my other hobbies. But at least here, I’m able to go to the gun range.

I went the other day and fired off some of the 9mm. It stovepiped too much, but it could have been the ammo. Otherwise, it was light and it kept a good group of ammo in a tight spot, so it’s accurate. The 3.57 is always my favorite though. I love the heavy recoil. I have yet to shoot the 32. but that belongs to my mama.

Oh well. I saw a kitten yesterday, I couldn’t help but pick up and snuggle. A lady said they were free, to take one, of course I jump at the chance, but dad said no. Not even my pouting, slight temper tantrum could get him to break. I even cried a bit, still didn’t work. I just can’t help it, animals are my passion and I wanted that kitten. I know my limit to animals, I can’t stand dust, clutter or filth so one dog and one kitten is fine, the way I clean, I could have a couple of animals, no problem.

But I can understand why dad said no. Oh, well. I’m off to play Xbox.


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