To those with parents.

Earlier, I went up to my mama and told her how much I loved her and how she did a great job with raising me and that whatever she did to make me turn out the way I did, she should be proud because I’m proud too. My mama is my one and only true love. And if you are still blessed to have your parents with you today, tell them that as often as you can because we all know they won’t be there forever and say those things now because you never know when it’s too late.

Your parents dedicated a 24/7 time job of watching over you and revolved their lives around having you. Now, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I do not have biological parents in my life, so not everyone has parents and I’m lucky enough to have them so just because I say parents, you can relate to as whomever took the time to raise you because a parent is not who gives birth, it’s who that loves you and raises you.

So, your parents deserve respect and gratitude. Do not get me wrong, I wasn’t the greatest child, I’ve made my parents cry and I have disrespected them. But I always went back and apologized and admitted I was wrong and had no place to talk to them that way. I do not mean to make my posts sound like I’m preaching to everyone about how to live your life, I’m only trying to shed a little light on who ever takes the time to read my posts, I’m not forcing you to do these things, I’m only trying to share what I’ve learned and I’m not out to make it seem like I’m some great person because I’ve done bad things I’m not proud of, but I will say that I’ve learned my lessons and there are no regrets.


I see children with great respect for their parents and I see others that have no respect. I may be 20 but I still feel like a child and I will always be a child to my parents and I will always show them that respect.

I tell my mama and daddy all the time about how much they mean to me, I do not do it as often with my dad cause he’s kinda manly but I still do it in my own special way for him. But they’re in their 60’s now and daddy is about to go into the hospital again, so as I said, cherish these moments now before it’s too late, at least then you can look back and know you left nothing unsaid and it will make you feel better.

So please, if you reading this still have your parents with you, go and tell them you love them because they could never hear it too often. I thank my parents for raising me because they didn’t have to but they did.

So, before it’s too late, go show your parents how much they mean to you, let them know their time spent taking care of you is appreciated.

Thank you for reading.


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