Today, I did a really odd thing. I left my house and took a walk! Strange I don’t walk often as much as I love to. As I was walking, a very crude young man drove by and yelled something at me, he made a very rude comment on my bum. I’m aware I have a Jay-Lo butt, I do not appreciate anyone pointing that out. I finally accepted most of my appearance and I do not want anyone, certainly a stranger saying something so rude to me. Compliments, I will take politely but that was no compliment to me.

I had the mind to tell him what his mother would think but he drove off. Although, I personally am sexist against women. The whole “women cook and clean for the man” thing, I still think a woman deserves respect. And commenting on a young lady’s behind that a man is not dating is very disrespectful and I do not appreciate it. I am not sure why, but it seems the younger generation has a lack of respect and manners. I personally dislike when a person has no manners. Now, I won’t dislike the person themself for it, unless they are very rude and/or vulgar, but a person doesn’t need perfect manners for me to enjoy a conversation or their company. I also dislike when young ladies cuss exceedingly. I really do not cuss, unless I’m really mad, playing a video game or get very startled. If I’m in the company of other adults I’m not super close to or children or in public, I never cuss. When I do cuss however, it’s either d*mn, h*ll, etc.

Let me also point out that if you cuss or anything, that doesn’t mean I’ll point it out or it will offend me. Pointing out a persons imperfect manners is also rude. I will not belittle you for your language either male or female. Also, just because I’m sexist, I will not tell all of you lovely ladies out there that you belong in the kitchen or something. It’s my opinion only and I will not tell you how to live your life.

I sure hope that whatever is causing these awful manners in this generation stops. It makes me feel upset enough to ask them if they have no shame. Petty bad manners are no big deal, but as to going up to a stranger and saying a vulgar comment about their behind, I simply will not tolerate.


3 thoughts on “Manners.

  1. Yeah, there’s a right way and a wrong way to get a woman to notice you and that definitely is the wrong way. I’m really interested in knowing what their end game was in doing that or anybody else that does that. What are they trying to accomplish? Maybe its some initiation thing amongst friends or something, who knows.

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